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Aggressive Expansion

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Laurie tells Slash her predicament.

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"So what was wrong with her?" asked Erin. Axl had taken her out to supper; the guys had gone to see a movie.

"Just a bug, I guess," said Axl. "She's fine, though."

"Is she still in our room?"


"Well, I hope she's not spreading her germs all over my things."

"Christ, Erin, are you being serious? Laurie's sick and all you care about is your own health?"

"Basically, yeah."

He could hardly believe she wasn't even trying to deny it; then again, this was Erin Everly. "I'm sure she'll appreciate your initial concern over her well-being," said Axl sarcastically, and Erin giggled.

"I was just joking."

Much to Axl's relief, the waiter came at that moment. "Here's the check, sir."

"Thanks, man." He signed it and then he and Erin left.

"Where to now?" asked Erin.

Axl shrugged. Then his eyes lit up.

"Let's go check out some antique stores here." He loved browsing antique shops in other states--particularly in the South. Sometimes he found furniture he liked a lot and had it shipped out to his mansion in Malibu.

"Oh, Axl, not tonight." Erin picked up the phone at the back of the limo and spoke into it:

"Take us to the nearest clothing store, please."

As the limo sped off, Axl let out a tired sigh. Laurie would have gone to the antique shop with him; back in 1986, when she was still trying to make money for them to eat on, she'd worked in one, rebuffing furniture and repairing scratches in vinyls from the '60s and '70s. Shopping for clothes on an off day would have been the furthest thing from Laurie's mind.

In that moment, Axl missed Laurie more strongly than ever before.


I have to tell someone, thought Laurie, pacing up and down she and Izzy's bathroom and smacking the stick against her palm. Every so often, she'd glance down at the plus sign, hoping that the vertical line would have disappeared and the hue would have changed to blue.

Unfortunately, it never did.

Laurie could not remember a single time in the past month that she and Izzy had not used protection. Well, okay, there had been that one time, way back at the beginning, could it be? She didn't want to be pregnant, not right now; there was too much other shit going on. Maybe the stress will kill it, she thought, and then realized she was probably a terrible person for thinking that.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Hurriedly, Laurie threw all the evidence into the trash can and straightened up. She shut the bathroom door and walked to the main door.

"Hey, who is it?"

"Slash. Lemme in."

Surprised, Laurie opened the door. "Hey, Saul," she said. "I thought you were at a movie."

"Was," agreed Slash. "Past tense. It sucked, though, so we left early. Duff and Izzy are downstairs in the gaming room, playing Pac-Man or something. I came looking for you 'cause I wanted to know if you wanted to join us or--"

"Slash, come here for a second. I need to tell you something."

"Ah, okay." Slash walked all the way in and Laurie shut the door behind him. "What's up?"

Why am I doing this? Laurie thought as she walked into the bathroom and returned a moment later with her pregnancy test. The answer, of course, was that she trusted Slash--but she also trusted Izzy. And he was the father; he had a right to know. So why the hell couldn't she tell him?

"Laurie, what--oh. Is this yours?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, it's Erin's, because in spite of his leg brace Axl has been having sex with her for quite some time."

"Jesus Christ, Laur, how the hell was I supposed to know?" He handed her the test again and frowned slightly. "Are you gonna tell him?"

"Izzy? I--I don't know."

"Laurie, you have to tell him."

She shook her head. "I don't have to tell him right now," she said. "I can tell him later." Suddenly she grabbed his arm. "Slash...don't tell Izzy. Don't tell anyone. I don't want people to know."

He looked at her for a long moment. "Okay, Laurie," he said finally. "I won't."

But as they headed downstairs, Slash wondered if this was right. Izzy had the right to know that his girlfriend was pregnant, and Laurie should want to tell him because she seemed to be fairly in love with him.

Maybe she doesn't want Axl to find out, thought Slash, and realized that must have been it.

After all, W. Axl Rose would not take it lightly that Izzy was able to get Laurie pregnant after only a month, whereas the volatile lead singer had been with her for two years with no children whatsoever.
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