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Bad, Sad news.

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Gerard is telling the Guys. And Wives. Read On...

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I woke up, still embracing Frank. He looked a mess, eyeliner stains dried onto his soft, pale skin, his hear tangled and messy. I roled over, realising I probably looked the same, if not, worse.
"Frank, we need to get up. Well I do; I'm gonna tell them. I need to." I said softly into his ear.
His eyes opened immediately. He jumped up and got his shoes on.
"Let's go. Telling the kids too?" Asked Frank. Good question... They were all around 12 now. [A/N not actually, I'm just using these ages because it works well.]
"Yeah. The kids too." I said solemnly. We walked hand in hand toward the house. I'd texted everyone last night, asking them to meet us there. It was quite warm out but in the sky, storm clouds brewed.
Just as we left the beach it began to lash down with rain and thunder rumbled across the skies.
"Run!" I yelled. We sprinted, tripping and laughing. My shoe fell off so I pulled off the other, holding the pair in my spare hand, as the other held Frankie's. I ran through the puddles, my socks sodden. My red hair was plastered to my face, eyeliner washing off comepletely. Frank's long black hair was stuck to his face and his makeup was entirely gone.
When we arrived at the house LynZ and Bandit were peering out to see us. Behind them I could faintly make out Bob, Ray, Mikey, Alicia, Christine and Bethany.[A/N bethany in this, is bob's wife.]
Lily and Cherry were already at the door.
"Dad! Uncle Gee! Oh, God we were worried! Hell, you're wet!" Said Lily as she hugged Frank.
"Eugh, and you're dry!" Frank laughed. I smiled at that too.
I walked into the warmth.
"Honey! You're back! BOB! GET THE GUYS SOME TOWELS! THANK YOU! Oh Gerard! Come on in, I made coffee." LynZ said, hugging me.
"Babe.." I managed to choke out before Bob brought a towel to me, wrapping one round my shaking body.
I sit on the crowded sofa, Bandit sitting by my side, her head on my soaking shoulder.
I put my arm round her. My lovely daughter. And I was going to die, leaving her and my amazing wife alone.
"Guys," I began when Bob returned, "I have cancer."
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