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Five: Storage Rooms

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Ray sees something he wasn't supposed to see. [Sorry it's so short, I don't have that much time these days.]

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It had been raining for the past three days and the British coasts were nowhere to be seen.
Gerard slammed the door of one of the many storage rooms found on the boat behind him and although he wasn't sure if he could be there or not, he squeezed his eyes shut, hugged himself and prayed for the nausea to go away.
The kid had been nervous and sad from the start, but for Mikey being nervous and sad also meant being mean, irritable and agressive, which meant that Gerard found himself far too frequently in the position of having to drag his fuming brother away from fights.
Just to add a little tension to an already nerve-whacking situation.
The door opened.
"Gee? You in here?"
Gerard moaned, refusing to open his eyes.
He knew the door had quietly been shut. Somebody placed cool lips to his boiling forehead.
"You're feverish."
"Shut up, Iero."
Frank smiled to himself and kissed Gerard between the eyebrows. He then kissed him, delicately, on the lips.
Gerard's eyes snapped open.
He pushed the other man away.
"Not here."
Frank squeezed his wrists.
"Where, then?"
"I don't know. Just not here."
"But I need you."
Way let his fingers trail along Iero's cheek.
"You're perfect."
Frank kissed him, again, and pushed him up against the wall.
Tongue against tongue, Iero's fingers fumbling with the top of Gerard's shirt.
Unbuttoning, unhinging, unzipping.
Gerard slightly moaned as Frank's tongue caressed his neck, as he kissed his nipples and slowly fell to his knees in front of him.
Their breathing was fast, concite, their heartbeats were quick.
Frank smiled as he slid Gerard's pants down.
Blood froze in their veins at the horrible sound of the door opening.
They fell silent, not daring to move.
"Wha--Frank? Gerard?"
Way opened his eyes to see Ray standing in the doorway, staring as Frank tore himself away from his body and crawled into a corner, shaking.
God. No. God no.
Gerard took a step towards his friend, but Toro took a step back.
That one word drilled through Frank and Gerard's brains.
Dark, ugly, disgusting.
They shuddered as the sound of the door slamming crashed around them.
Gerard's "Fuck!" broke an uneasy silence.
He kicked a bag.
He kicked it harder.
"Gee, calm down."
It split. Rice spilled all over the floor.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!"
Gerard stared at the rice, grabbed what remained of the bag, threw it against the wall.
Frank jumped up and hugged him, rubbed the back of his neck.
"Calm down, it's OK."
"We're fucked, Frank. It's all fucked!"
He broke free from his arms.
"If the news fucking gets out, if Lyn or Jamia know--"
"Calm down, Gee."
Gerard moaned and buried his face in his hands.
Frank fell silent. Licked his lips. Looked at the door.
"I'm going after Ray."
Gerard looked up at him.
"I'm fixing this. I'm going after Ray."
He slammed the door behind him without stopping to hear Gerard's reply.
He fixed his shirt as best as he could, tried to ignore the hysteria billowing up inside of him, ready to bight, and walked down the hall.
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