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One Moment

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Really short slaxl fic.

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The warm water hit his tired limbs and he breathed a sigh. The day had been quite long and his head hurt. He hadn't had a proper shower in about a week so he took his time and let his body relax under the stream. Ever since they'd moved into the house things had been crazy. It was almost impossible to get a good nights sleep, and he was now working on almost two days without it. The band had just gotten out of the studio an hour ago. Everyone had wanted to go to the bar for a drink, but he told them he'd see them later. Just an hour of rest, just one hour was what he was hoping for. He turned off the water after almost twenty minutes and dried himself off. After he toweled his hair, he wrapped it around his waist. He groaned when he remembered he didn't have any clean laundry. He'd just made up his mind to sift through Izzy's clothes when the bathroom door opened and closed. He closed his eyes and supressed an impatient sigh. He'd just wanted a little time to himself, away from everyone, and he couldn't even have that. The soft caress against his back was more than enough to result in a shiver. He knew exactly who was behind him, and the request for solitude died before he could even form the words. The lips moved faintly across his shoulders. The light touch of fingertips against his ribs made him grip the sink. They'd told eachother that this sort of thing wasn't going to happen. They'd both stayed away from the other for weeks and weeks. The only time they saw one another was in the recording studio. It was a decision they'd both made out of mutual respect. It would be easy, he deluded himself into thinking that. It was anything but. He'd been about to break when the bathroom door opened. He wasn't going to waste this chance. He felt the lips moving from his shoulder blades around his shoulders, and slowly, painfully slowly, around to his chest. He took the face, smooth and beautiful, and raised it to his own. The smell - liquor, aftershave, and the smallest hint of sweat was to him the perfect scent. The taste, better than he remembered. The time for soft caressing and slow touching was over. He needed him now. He pressed his mouth against the perfect lips, being none too gentle. He grabbed the thighs, lifting and pushing them onto the sink. The shirt was off, and the pants were next. His towel was on the floor in the next second. All senses were alive. It was a myriad of emotions coming to life. Nothing in his life could compare to this person. Nothing and no one could bound him to the earth ever again. And all too soon it was over. The rest of the band came home, he heard them shouting and stumbling up the porch. The clothes were hastily put back on, the discarded towel draped back over his waist. He walked out into the bedroom, while his heart took up the ruse once more.
"Yo, why'd you leave so early, Axe?" Izzy came in, obviously intoxicated. Axl poked his head out of the bathroom.
"I had a headache." He said simply. Izzy just shrugged and left. No one in the hallway. The lips came back, for the briefest of seconds, to give one last touch to the shoulders. "Your hair smells good." The last whispered words before the lie continued. The sigh, then the moment given to the grief, then back to life as normal.....At least, as normal as it could hope to be.
"Hey, Izzy!" Slash said. "Can I borrow some clean clothes?"
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