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Chapter 5- Don't Stop, Bury Me.

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I'm going out in about 5 minuets, so this may be rushed, badly written or short. But hey, it's an update ;) and if it sucks i'll edit it later.

Last night, after Gerard left, I got so frustrated with him that I punched the wall repeatedly until my knuckles bled. I was so confused. I hated Gerard, for sure. But, part of me couldn't stop thinking about him. About his face. Why was I so.. Attracted to him? He's an ass hole. I hate him. I always have. But, he's nice to look at. And now I feel stupid. I just.. I don't know. He was hot. Let's leave it there.
'Frankie, you'll be late for school.' My Mom yelled.
I rolled my eyes and shouted back 'Coming' but made no effort to move. I was standing in front of my full-length mirror. Again. I must sound so freaking vain, but, well, I had Chemistry class 4th period. And no, I wasn't trying to look good to impress Gerard. I just didn't want to look ugly. I was wearing my Green Day t-shirt. The one Gerard had been looking at yesterday. Then I hesitated, worried he might get the wrong idea and think I'm trying to impress him, so I threw a checked black and green hoodie on over the top.
'Frankie!' Mom yelled again. 'Hurry up!'
I sighed heavily and flicked my dyed-black hair out of my eyes, and quickly applied some black eyeliner.

I got to school on time, surprisingly. And managed to get away with listening to Smashing Pumpkins all the way through Math, so today wasn't looking too bad. As I made my way to English though, I crashed directly into Gerard.
'Watch where your going.' He snapped. Then he looked up, and saw it was me. His faced softened and then his mouth curved into a smirk. 'Can't get enough of me, can you Iero?'
'You think a lot of yourself.' I mutterd, pulling myself up and stalking in the opposite direction.
Then my cell phone began to vibrate. I didn't have the number registered on my phone, but I took the call anyway.
'Hey, Frank.' It was Gerard's voice. And he was laughing. 'Just thought I'd let you know, english class is this way.'
I turned around, and there he was, on his cell phone. He saw me looking and grinned, then pointed in the direction I'd been originally walking. Ray and Bob were with him, and they were all laughing at me.
'Fuck you.' I spat down the phone. Gerard laughed harder, in the distance. Then he and his minions stalked off, still laughing at me.
I fucking hate himI thought angrily. But a voice in the back of my mind said, he's cute when he laughs.
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