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An innocent questions leads to (an older) Rin becoming Sesshomaru's woman...

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By kira

For tomoe-chan...
because she deserves a lil fluff with her hentai...winks

Author's note: This fic was inspired by the beautiful artwork of Triple-Mebius and all the other Sessh/Rin artists out there...

"Is it possible to love someone without pillowing with them, Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked as he snuggled up behind her. Leaning back, she settled happily into his warm embrace. She had always loved being around the taciturn taiyoukai and as she grew older, Rin found herself thinking of him in ways that often made her cheeks heat up.

"This Sesshomaru really doesn't know, Rin," he said softly as he stared up at the night sky. "Why do you ask?"

"Ummm...I don't know..." Rin shrugged. "Well, ummm... Kagome-chan said, ummm," she hesitated; unsure of how to explain herself, "she said that when you love someone and you want to be together with them for always, that you, ummm..." trailing off, she giggled at his soft snort of annoyance.

"Pillow?" he finished for her, quirking an eyebrow at her in disgust. "Are you sure she said that?"

"Hai... I think so, but she was mostly talking about getting married. I wasn't sure what she meant by that until she explained about how Inuyasha-san is her husband...Ummm, Sesshomaru-sama, isn't he her mate?"

"Hai... Although, it would seem that 'getting married' and becoming mates have the same end result." He sat there, thinking it over, as the silence stretched between them. "Perhaps this getting married is how humans become mates."

"Hai...Sesshomaru-sama, do you think I'll get married one day?" Rin asked as she looked up over her shoulder at him.

He frowned briefly at her before answering, "This Sesshomaru doesn't know. Do you wish to get married one day?" Please tell me you're not going to make me regret reviving that Kohaku...

"Hai! Very much so!" And to you... "Ummm... Sesshomaru-sama, how do youkai become mates?" she teased.

"Why is it you wish to know?" he asked, hoping to find a way to distract her away from this line of questioning.

"Don't know...I was just wondering." She sighed softly and he echoed it.

"Perhaps one day you will find out," he said mysteriously.

"Hai...maybe I will," she said with a smile as she leaned back into him.

The silence stretched between them again like a living thing as he thought over how best to answer her question and she wondered if she had upset him. And yet it was a comfortable silence, so that when she raised her hand to point out a falling star, he moved to gently grasp her hand in his, rubbing his calloused thumb over the soft silkiness of her skin. She smiled and it was not the first time he regretted the loss of his arm, as he found her desperately wanted to hold her close. Closing his eyes, Sesshomaru deeply breathed in her scent, and as he did so, he gently brushed his lips against her ear, causing a little shiver of pleasure to run down her spine, where it pooled deep within her belly. Sighing softly, Rin rested contentedly against him and she wondered what he was thinking about as he held her hand. She decided to let the matter of love and marriage and mates drop for the moment as she could tell he was uncomfortable discussing it with her.

"The stars look so beautiful tonight, ne?" she asked when he finally set her hand on her lap, although she giggled inwardly as he had not let go of it.


"So, do you think Orihime will be able to meet her beloved Kengyuu tonight? The moon is full which should make it easier for the boatman to come get her, ne?"

"Hai, this Sesshomaru believes he can see them in their boat," he said, the ghost of a smile twitching his lips, as he teased her.

"Hontoni? Really?" She giggled, playing along with him, as he let out a little snort of amusement. "Where are they now?"

"About halfway across," he whispered in her ear, and once again Rin felt a delicious warmth spreading throughout her belly as her breath caught in throat.

"Oh..." she said softly, wishing he would kiss her again, even if it was by accident.

"Hai," he murmured softly and this time she was not disappointed as he kissed her on the cheek.

Smiling, she sang a little song that her mother had taught her, "Sasa no ha sara sara... Nokiba ni yureru... Ohoshi-sama kira kira... Kin gin sunago... The bamboo leaves, rustle, rustle... Shaking away in the eaves... The stars go twinkle, twinkle... Gold and silver grains of sand..." *

As she repeated the lines again, Sesshomaru added his voice to hers as they sat there, watching the stars.

Rin, turning to face him, said, "You have a beautiful voice, Sessh-" when he swallowed her words in a kiss. Catching her by surprise, her eyes widened in shock as he kissed her deeply, and suddenly feeling bolder, Rin threw her arms around his neck, pulling him close. Breaking the kiss, Sesshomaru gently nuzzled her cheek with his nose. Giggling, Rin took his face in her hands and gently moved it so that their foreheads touched. He let out a little snort of amusement for this was something she had often done as a child. Smiling, Rin laughed as she closed her eyes, and tilting her head, she kissed him. It was a sweet and innocent kiss and she quickly kissed him again just as chastely.

Sesshomaru kissed her back, and this time when he kissed her, he trailed the kisses off her mouth and down the line of her jaw to her neck. Rin let out a little sound that was somewhere between a giggle and a sigh, as she felt the warmth pooling deep within her belly again. Her heart beat a little fast under his gentle touch, and cradling his head on her chest, she moaned when he fondled her breast. "Sesshomaru-sama..." she whispered softly.

"Hai...?" he murmured, drinking in the scent of her arousal. He reached around and tugged on her obi. Since he could not get it untied, he went back to fondling her, all the while ignoring her as she softly called his name.

"Sesshomaru-sama..." she whispered again as she gently pushed him away. Rin panted softly, "Let me help you..." Reaching around, she deftly untied her obi and with his help removed the silken sash. Since it was summer and very warm, she had forgone wearing her hadajuban underneath her kimono and she hoped he would not notice, while a small part of her wished he did.

Sesshomaru leaned in to kiss her again, and slipping his hand inside her kimono, he was surprised to feel bare skin. Breaking the kiss and pulling away, he looked at her, a mischievous smile tugging at his lips as he quirked his eyebrow at her.

"It was very hot this morning..." Rin said softly, a deep crimson glow suffusing her cheeks.

"Hai," he said, before gently cupping her cheek and kissing her again. "It's still very warm, ne?"

Rin nodded mutely in agreement. Sesshomaru had somehow managed to get her kimono down off her left shoulder, exposing her breast. She blushed deeply and when she moved to cover herself up, he growled softly at her. He gently cupped her bare breast, rubbing his calloused thumb lightly over her nipple. As it hardened under his loving touch, Rin felt a tingling in her loins that radiated up into her belly. She wanted him to stop, and at the same time she wanted him to go on, all the while hoping he would finally touch her flower. She knew it felt good whenever she would touch herself there and she wondered if would feel just as good when he did it. Her soft panting breath caught in her throat and she choked out a giggle when he leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth, suckling it as if he were an infant. Rin squirmed under his touch as she tried to ease the aching between her thighs, causing her kimono to slip off her right shoulder, fully exposing herself to his hungry gaze. It was several minutes before she realized he had spoken to her.

"Take it off," he repeated and she complied. Rin was now completely naked except for her tabi socks and sandals, and while she had been just as naked around him when she bathed, somehow this time it felt different. It was as if her girlish fantasies were coming true, and while it was frightening, it was also rather exciting. Kissing him, she wondered why he wanted her to lie down on her back. As she lay down, he moved between her legs, and she did not have to wait long for her answer, for Sesshomaru had begun to trail a line of little butterfly kisses down the length of her torso. Rin moaned softly, arching her back and thrusting her hips towards him as she instinctively sought to ease the aching she felt within the flower of her sex. Sesshomaru paused briefly, chuckling deep within his throat at her wanton behavior, before giving in to their shared desire. He continued down over the gentle swell of her belly to the dark tangle of curls above her thighs. He licked gently on the center of her flower, smiling inwardly, when she moaned and clamped her thighs around his head. Sesshomaru knew from experience that if he waited, she would relax just like his previous lovers had. Sure enough, she relaxed and he knew as well that if he paced himself, he could get her to the point where it would be easy to mount her and finally take her maidenhead. So he teased and played with her body, building her desire to the point where she was so overcome with lust that it was several minutes before what he had asked of her finally sank in.

"Rin, this Sesshomaru needs you get on you hands and knees so he can take you." He kissed her. "Please, Rin, if we wait much longer it will be too late," he whispered huskily in her ear. He had been slowly moving his way back up her body, so that he was now blanketing her, and the feel of her body as it rubbed against his swollen manhood had been inching him that much closer to spending his lust. Since he was still dressed, it added a hint of frustration to his desire and he longed to take her and quickly, as he was curious about pillowing with her, never having had a human lover before. "Please, Rin..."

"Hai...." she finally said softly. Opening her eyes, she smiled shyly at him and he kissed her briefly, before easing himself off of her. Rin sat up, and turning away from him, she moved so that she was on all fours, while he tugged at his obi, releasing the knot and removing it. He rose in one fluid motion, eyes closed as he undid the ties on his hakama. They pooled at his feet and it was a simple matter to step out of them before kneeling behind her.

Sesshomaru eyed her bottom and the soft folds of her flower that peeked out from under it and groaned. She looked so beautiful to him and her submissive posture made his manhood twitch in anticipation of entering her. He gently eased himself between her legs and grabbing her hip in his hand, he awkwardly pulled her closer as he thrust inside. She was tight as she had been untouched until now, and his difficulty in sheathing himself inside made him push harder as he tried again and again, causing her to cry out in pain. He mistook her soft mewling cries for pleasure and he took her far more roughly than he had intended to, hurting her and bruising her delicate flower as he made her a woman. Mercifully she did not have to endure him for long as he finished quickly. When he pulled out of her, she collapsed in a sobbing heap and it tore at his heart to see her like that. Not even bothering to clean himself off, he moved to sit next to her as she cried, gently stroking her back in what he hoped she would see as a gesture of comfort. It wasn't long before she was sitting in his lap, her sobs subsiding into hiccups, as they cemented their bond by simply holding each other.

Rin listened to the sound of his heart as she sat there on his lap, his right arm resting along her thigh, as he held her awkwardly in his warm embrace. Its steady rhythm helped calm her the way it did when she was a child and it was with a start that she realized she was no longer a child but a woman... his woman. Smiling shyly at him, she asked, "Sesshomaru-sama, would it be possible to try again...?"

He nodded. "Hai, this Sesshomaru believes he can be ready, but he fears he could hurt you again as you haven't had time to heal..." he said softly into the top of her head.

"It's alright, I want to do this and I promise I'll be braver this time as I know what to expect..." she whispered, holding him close.

Sesshomaru kissed the top of her head, making her giggle and any doubts he had had about taking her again vanished. Still, a little voice in his head continued to nag him over it, warning him not to take her again as he was heading down the same path his father had traveled. Ignoring it, he let his hand wander over her body, quirking his eyebrow at her when she mirrored his actions. She gently pushed him onto to his back and straddling his hips, Rin ran her hands over his chest, lightly stroking his skin as she explored what she had only previously seen. She giggled softly as she noticed that her touch made his nipples just as hard as his hand had made hers. He groaned softly in pleasure when she leaned forward to kiss him as she had rubbed herself against him and the thought of her flower mere inches away from his manhood caused it to swell in anticipation. He placed his arm around her, and pulling her close, he murmured her name, and ignoring the little voice in his head, he swore he would always protect her, claiming her as his mate.

"I love you too, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin whispered softly. She was lying on top of him, her head pillowed on his chest, and the sound of his beating heart made her own quicken. "Can we...?"

"Hai..." he whispered. He kissed her and moving into position, he took her much more gently this time. The need to sheath himself inside her was just as great as before but it was tempered this time by his desire to take care of her needs. Slowing his tempo, Sesshomaru was able to give her the heightened pleasure she needed to overcome the pain she felt in her bruised flower until they climaxed as one. They spent the night in a cycle of lust alternating with rest as he sought to cover her in his scent and mark her as his own. Once he was satisfied she was his and his alone, they fell asleep under the stars and morning found them in a tangled heap as they lay entwined in each others' arms.

Sesshomaru woke first and he watched sleep, his hand gently caressing the small of her back and the curve of her buttocks. Rin had pulled her leg up so that her knee was resting on his stomach. It left her flower tantalizingly close, but he could not reach it so he had to content himself with simply stroking her as close to it as he could get. But he did not mind, as he could drink in the scent of her hair and commit to memory the soft silkiness of her skin and the sound of her voice as she moaned softly in pleasure.

As the light filtering through the tree's branches became brighter, Rin stirred in her sleep; rubbing herself against him as she acted out her dream. The scent and feel of her arousal reawakened Sesshomaru's own desire for her, so he gently shook her awake. Rin responded by mumbling in her sleep. Sesshomaru tried nudging her again, and calling her name. This time he was successful for she woke with a yawn and sitting up she stretched and looked around bleary-eyed at her surroundings. She looked down at him sleepily, her eyes widening as she realized he was lying there, naked, before it dawned on her she was just as nude. Rin felt her cheeks heating up as she looked around for something to cover herself.

"Good morning," Sesshomaru said languidly, a touch of amusement clearly heard in his voice.

"Good morning, Sesshomaru-sama. Did you sleep well...?"

"Hai, very well, and you?" he replied, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lips.


"Is there something wrong?" he asked and she was amazed at how he was seemingly fine about waking up in the nude along with her and judging by the soreness in her thighs and flower, Rin had the feeling what she remembered happening was not a dream. He really did pillow with her and despite the tenderness in her loins, she wondered if she could entice him into pillowing with her again.

"Nothing, ummm... do you want to pillow...?" Rin blushed as she could not believe her wantonness./ I can't believe I just asked him that! What is he going to think?/ "You don't...Ummm...I mean, we don't have to, if you don't want to," she said softly.

"This Sesshomaru is not averse to pillowing with you, Rin, in fact he enjoyed himself immensely last night and he trusts you did as well...?" he said, while his hand stroked the gentle curves of her bottom.

Rin nodded. "Hai, this Rin may be a bit sore this morning, but she enjoyed herself too..." she said softly as she playfully imitated his speech pattern. She blushed when she noticed the beginnings of his arousal.

"This Sesshomaru is pleased you did," he replied as he sat up, and cupping her cheek, he leaned in and kissed her and their cycle of lust began anew. Sesshomaru trailed little kisses down her neck and across her collar bone, the warmth of his breath tingling against her skin. Rin cradled his head, and burying her nose in his hair, she breathed in the scent that was uniquely his. She found he smelled faintly of dog and the surrounding woodlands and the clean fresh scent of a mountain spring. He was a mixture of all her favorite scents and she felt safe and happy to be around him as she grew up, and now she found it made the delicious warmth pool in her belly again. She let go of him, when he growled softly, so that he could continue his way down. She leaned backwards to make it easier for him and Rin found it hard not to be able to touch him as she needed her steady herself with her hands. Sesshomaru's silky hair tickled her skin as he went lower, pausing only to briefly lick her navel before resting his head in her lap.

The sweet musky tang of her arousal excited him and Sesshomaru drank it in deeply as he buried his nose in her dark tangle of curls. He felt her shifting her weight as she sat up as well as well the subtle clamping of her thighs together. Despite the tenderness in her womanhood, she was just as eager to couple with him as she had been last night. Sesshomaru smiled as he wormed his fingers between her thighs, seeking the delicate petals of her flower. He growled softly at her and she relaxed, opening her legs, and exposing herself to his gentle touch. He teased her by using the lightest of caresses, ignoring the throbbing in his loins as he pleasured her. Sesshomaru gently rubbed the side of his finger along the folds of her sex, gently coaxing the nectar from her flower. Rin moaned softly as she climaxed; her belly tightening as waves of pleasure washed over her, making her squirm under his touch. He continued to play with her until she begged him to stop and sheath himself inside her. Sesshomaru readily complied, moving to kneel behind her as Rin flopped forward onto all fours. He bent and licked her a few times before he sheathing himself inside. This time their coupling was slow and unhurried as Sesshomaru, mindful of hurting her, pleasured her gently. Spending his lust, they collapsed in a tangled heap, still joined as one. As they fallen over on their left side, Sesshomaru was able to reach over and fondle her breast. They lay there in warm morning sunlight, Sesshomaru murmuring softly something Rin could not understand, but she did not care as she knew in heart that he really did love her as much as she did him.

As they got up to get dressed and leave, Rin complained about being sore which was how she found herself sitting naked in a cold mountain stream. She was glad it was hot out otherwise the icy water would have been too cold to sit in. Her discomfiture came from the fact he made her sit facing him with her legs parted in order to get the water's full healing effects. She found this to be just as uncomfortable as the time when she first started her moon cycle and he went off and brought Kagome back only to lie there on the ground showing herself to the older girl. Rin felt her cheeks heating up when she remembered Inuyasha arriving on the scene just in time to see her like that. It started a huge fight between the two brothers leaving Kagome to comfort the mortified Rin. She recalled that was when she really started to admire Kagome, as she had hiked up her own kimono, and exposing herself to Sesshomaru, she declared their fight was over because they were even. Kagome's subsequent argument with Inuyasha made Sesshomaru smile, which was enough for Rin to feel better about the whole thing. Those thoughts jumbled around with more recent memories about this morning and last night and Rin wondered when she became so wanton.

Sesshomaru, calling her name, shook her from her reverie. "Rin, you can get out now. This Sesshomaru wishes to see if you are starting to heal now."

Rin got up, the water running down her lower half feeling good in the hot morning air. She walked slowly over to him, her arms folded demurely across her breasts, a delicate blush adding color to her cheek. After gently brushing his fingers against her sex, he told her to go away and pass water, letting him know if it hurt. Rin returned nodding mutely, and the tears that had welled up in her eyes fell down her cheeks when he apologized.

"Gomen nasai, Rin...chan," he said softly, adding the little diminutive as he leaned in to kiss her. "Don't cry, this Sesshomaru remembers it was said that the Lady Izayoi needed many unguents when she first became my father's mate. We will go see my brother's family and you may ask Kagome-san about it when you feel comfortable, ne?"

"Hai...domo arigatou, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said as she melted into his warm embrace. She held onto him for several long minutes before letting go.

He looked her up and down, a faint smile on his lips as he said, "As much as this Sesshomaru enjoys the sight of you like this, it is for his eyes only to enjoy you this way. Now go get dress and we can leave."

Rin giggled. "Hai!" she said saucily and as she turned and bent to retrieve her kimono, he reached out and gently caressed her buttocks. "Sesshomaru-sama!" she cried as she stood up and faced him. "If we pillow again, this Rin fears she will end up back in the stream..."

"Hai, and that would never do, ne?" he said, quirking an eyebrow at her.

"Hai..." she giggled and got dressed and taking her hand, they headed off in the direction of the village Inuyasha had settled in along with his mate and friends. It lay to the east of where they were, near the old bone-eater's well. They walked on for a while in companionable silence, simply enjoying the pleasure of each other's company before he broke it.

"Rin-chan, do remember what you had asked this Sesshomaru last night?"


"You had asked if it were possible to love someone without pillowing with them..."

"Hai...I did, didn't I? And you never answered me!" she cried in mock indignation.

"Hai, you're right; this Sesshomaru never did give you an answer, but he has one now."

"Hontoni? Well...?"

"This Sesshomaru believes it is possible to love someone that way, for one would love their family that way, and one could love their friends that way, ne?"


"But would you not agree with this Sesshomaru that it is so much better to love someone and have the physical closeness of pillowing?" He looked over and quirked an eyebrow at her and she smiled.

"Hai, this Rin supposes so..."

"Rin-chan, are you upset with this Sesshomaru for taking your maidenhead?" He stopped walking and turned to face her.

"Iie! I'm very happy we finally pillowed... as I really wanted to. And if I had to give my maidenhead to anyone, I'd want it to be you, I really do!" She reached up and gently stroked his cheek. "But since I have only pillowed with you," at his look, she quickly added, "not that I wanted to with anyone else, but what I'm trying to say is I don't know...I don't have enough knowledge to say so for sure. I do know I enjoyed being with you and I would happily pillow again with you right here and now if you asked, but it's hard to say if I love you more now, or if I loved you more then..." she looked up at him, her face full of uncertainty. "All I know is, I love you pretty much as I always have... is that a bad thing?"

"Iie, it is not. And who knows, perhaps in time you will have your answer, but for now..."

"But for now, this Rin thinks she'd liked to explore the possibilities with you..."

"This Sesshomaru also thinks he'd like to go exploring with you, but only after we make sure you are healed enough, ne?"

"Hai!" she said as he leaned towards her, capturing her lips with his own....

*Author's note: taken from Wikipedia's entry on Tanabata. I would also like to thank Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara for their insightful article entitled Orihime, Kengyuu, and Tanabata, Adapting Chinese Lore to Native Beliefs and Purposes.
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