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I'm Not O-Fucking-Kay

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Thrown to the ground by the preps and adopted by the geeks of a private school, Michelle Millers is the new emo of the school. I don't know what to write now for the summary, so go ahead and read...

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Michelle's POV
I'm getting unessesary glares as I wonder around the busy hallway. I find gangsters, preps, and girlies socializing. Talking about the after semi-formal party and how many people joined the orgies and how wasted everyone got. Grade Twelve disgusts me.
Trying to remember my locker number, I also realize I've forgotten my lock's combination too. Pushing my hand into my jacket's pocket, I pull out a piece of paper. I dig through my other pocket and drag out a metal three dimensional figure that owns a dial and a handle. I examine the paper. "13, 57, 00" It read. I play with the lock and soon I crack the code.
Not paying attention to my enviorment, two girls on both the sides of the slim corridor intentionally leave their legs out in the hallways. Not watching where I was walking for once, my lazy legs trip over both stilleto covered feet. As if the world had slowed down, I am able to see everything. The amount of people watching and videos being taken of my plummiting to the dirty tiled floor. I eventually hit the ground, bashing my knee and face planting into the floor. I can hear laughter directed at me and cheesy insults.
"Have a nice trip!" Three men mocked. "See you next fall!" The bell rang and everyone flooded into classrooms nearby or flocked into the next hallway as their cruelful laughing insults me.
I get up slowly, the pain in my knee pulsing and my nose bleeding. I feel above my upper lip, and show my two fingers. Blood. I think my nose is broken. "Quei bastardi meritano di bruciare nel profondo dell'inferno," I mutter. I have to make a decision whether to go scavenge for a school nurse or head for my locker. Either way I'm still going to be late. I should go to my locker then head for the nurses office. It doesn't feel that bad.
I walk past a party of emo/nerdy kids. One's watching me carefully, fully aware that I'm staring back. His hair was long and a midnight black, waves and curls touching his shoulders. His golden eyes locked on mine is outlined by smudged and powdered red and grey eyeliner/shadow/blush. It covers his pale face which was clear of any acne. He was handsome and looked good in the uniform. Even though he DID look a little squishy.
I turn my attention to the others, which didn't give me much attention like the one who's been stalking me. I notice the anxious looking one. His hair was light brown, covered by a beanie hat. His hair followed his jaw line and ending at the chin. His skin was just as pale as the black haired boy, and the chiseled features too. Maybe they're related. He wore glasses over his eyes. I can't really make eye contact, but it looks like his eyes are also hazel. I can't exactly say for sure.
The other one glances at me and returns to talking to the one who looks the youngest. His milky brown curled hair is fluffy, standing out into an afro-like style. He's got a darker skin colour than the other two boys, but it's still pale. He's got blue eyes, marina coloured. Full lips, thick and lucious. Kissable. But he looks squishier than the black haired boy. Not the attractive one for me.
Returning to walk through the hallways, I touch the blood again. It's getting worse. I should get go to the nurse's office first... if this place has one.

Gerard's POV
It's louder in these halls than it was yesturday. More rambuncious. My brother and Ray continue their conversation, ignoring my observance and depression of the morning. I lean out into the hallway, only to see a mob of teenagers in uniforms running around and socializing. Two of the jocks walk out towards me, and stare at my shoes.
"Hey, Nerd," The male furthest from me greets, that retarded and pointless limp in his walk.
"Yer shoe's untied." The closer one says, pointing downwards. I look down, only to see he's right. Attempting to bend down, his hand flicks my pointy nose. In a small stinging pain, I grab my smelling device. They laugh and strut back to their friends, and I turn to Mikey and Ray.
"You know that's not right!" I complain, turning back around to tie my shoe. I hear a thud in the hallways and then another. Soon, a tsunami of laughter broke the communication with everyone. I hear terrible puns and I look through the legs and feet of the students. A girl was tripped. Her nose is bleeding. The bell rings and final pictures and videos are taken before everyone evacuates themselves from the hall. We're the only people left. She gets up, and I finally have a good look of her.
Her hair was a rich chocolate brown with red streaks and tips. Frayed, straight. It was chin lengthed. Fringed. I thought it matched her light olive skin. Her earth-coloured eyes were amazing. One layer of colour after another, a kalidescope of eye colours which was also lined with eyeliner and black eyeshadow. Her lips were thin, but a little full. She's short, and bulimic skinny. Her stance is shakey, her balance thrown off. I want to go to her and help, but shyness took over my vampire-like body. I don't know what I should do.
It's only a matter of minutes before I notice she's caught me staring. I can't help but not keep my eyes off her. I watch as she begins to examine us, researching our appearances. I stalk her as she touches the blood that's starting to rush like waterfalls down her upper lip. She scurries off and around the corner, leaving her elegant and somewhat graceful image in my mind.
"Hey, Gee. You okay?" Asks Ray, turning his attention to me. I quickly turn my head to him and shake my head.
"I'm not okay." I respond, following the girl who just engraved her picture inside my head.
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