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Chapter One- Gerard

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New neighbors!

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“Mikey, do you hate school as much as I do?” I looked at my little brother. He shrugged and opened his mouth to answer when we heard somebody curse loudly.

We rounded the corner to our street and saw a moving truck next door to our house. “Looks like someone finally moved in,” I muttered under my breath. Mikey nodded, a slow smile creeping across his face. “We should help him.

I knew there was a boy in the back of the truck because I could hear his heart beating and even from here, I could smell the testosterone in the air. “If he even wants it.” I sighed and shrugged.

Skipping our house, we walked to the back of the truck. The door was closed and I nearly laughed. “Uh hi!” We live next door. Do need any help?” I asked loudly.

There was a bang and another loud curse inside. “No. I like getting stuck in the back of moving trucks. It's a hobby of mine. Of course I need help! Can you open the door before I fall again.

I like him. He's funny and he doesn't care that he's being rude to complete strangers. Not to mention his new neighbors.

Mikey shook his head and opened the hatch, pushing the door up. Light flooded the huge compartment, reveling the boy tangled in a chair. “Stupid!.....Gah!.......Dammit!” he said under his breath as he tried to get the legs of the chair away from his. “Ha!” he stood up and kicked the chair.

He looked at us and grinned. “Thanks. Stupid fuckin chair. I'm Frank.” Frank jumped out of the truck and picked up a box we hadn't seen. Ignoring us, he took the box inside the house.

We waited and he came back out with a woman, his size; I assumed she was his mom. “Hello boys.” she climbed into the back of the truck. Frank looked at us.

I got the feeling he was waiting for one of us to say something. “We actually meant help with moving. Oh I'm Gerard and this is Mikey, my brother.” I held my hand out to Frank, who just looked at it.

“Uh, okay.” I dropped my hand. His mom huffed inside the truck. “Frankie!” “Yeah Ma?” he turned his head to look in the truck.

“Catch.” she threw him a box, which landed in his ready arms “And you boys can help if you want. If you don't mind heavy lifting.” she smiled at us again.

We nodded and she threw us boxes. Thankfully, we were both very strong, so we caught them easily. Frank nodded for us to follow him into the house.

I sat my burden on the floor, among many others. Mikey set his next to mine. We looked around the house. It was a lot like ours, only we had four rooms and a basement. I had no idea what this house had.

Even though we've lived next door all our lives, Mikey and I had never been in here. We kept moving boxes and furniture into the house. Mikey and I brought the couch in together, even though either one of us could lift it with one hand. Acting human can get annoying sometimes.

I mean, why do we have to hide the fact that we're vampires? I know, I know. It's to protect ourselves from hunters, blah, blah, blah. There hasn't been any sign of hunters in New Jersey since our grandpa killed the last one back in the 1920s.

The funny thing is he should look over a century old, but he doesn't. He still looks fifty five years old. He doesn't even look old enough to be our grandpa. He and Nana stopped aging at fifty and fifty five, for some reason they won't tell us.

At least Mikey and I look our ages, like our mom. But that wasn't saying much. I'm seventeen, Mikey's sixteen and our mom's only thirty two.

While I'd been lost in my mind, we'd gotten everything in the house. “Thanks for the help boys” Frank's mom hugged us around our waists. “No problem, Ms.....?” I trailed off. What was their last name again?

“Iero,” Frank smiled at me, standing next to his mom. “Iero. Got it.” I smiled at them. A thought occurred to me. Are they like us?

Still grinning, I lightly touched Ms. Iero's mind.

Nice boys. I'd like to meet their mother.

I turned to Frank's mind.

Fuck. I have to go through all this shit and find my school crap for tomorrow. I FUCKING hate school!

“Well it was nice meeting you. We should get home before our mom calls the cops.” I laughed. “Okay. Don't be strangers!” Ms. Iero called after us.

I hadn't gotten anything abnormal from their minds. They must be human.

Why did that bother me so much, though?
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