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Beyond Scared

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Is it better to go through this new world alone or with a stranger who has a car.-------r for gore and guts.

Category: 28 Days Later - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2011-04-05 - Updated: 2011-04-05 - 328 words

The teen lurking in the bushes outside of a small farmhouse an hour from anywhere as the crow flys was an amazon.Tall,bronze skin,and muscular.She could have been a volleyball player.Instead,she waited outside in the woods near a dark house on one of the coldest nights of fall on a new moon.She carried a bat in one hand and a pack in the other.It carried food and stale water.The lighters were out of fuel and she ran out of matches yesterday.WHat she was about to do was dangerous,but no more dangerous than going without warmth this night.The cutting wind tore through her threadbare jacket as she slowly approached the house.Her bat dragged dully across the ground,her shaking hand unwilling to support its weight.This was terrifying.Perhaps she should just head back,find somewhere else,the car in the drive blared that someone else was very likely here.
She reached the door,frosted glass blurred the dark insides.Her breath steamed the cool barrier and she could see herself in that moment as a scared child.Ruthlessly,she brought the cloth covered bat up and was about to smash the revealing glass when the light came on.
"Well now,what on earth do you thing your doing?!"a woman in a thick gown with an overcoat and a night cap over curlers skretched."don't you know how-oh,oh heavens you're not one of them are you?"she demanded eyeing the teen's bat as she revealed a weapon of her own,an old revolver.
"If she ws you'd already be dead Christa.What'd I tell you about opening the door to any one these days?"an older man,possible Christa's husband,stopped the old lady from blasting a hole in the girl's chest.
-----Short,i know,but ill edit it later.Im just playing with this but i will follow it through to the end.Promise.
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