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‘Cassie what’s the matter?’ Bob asked concerned, I had been lying on my bed crying for about 3 hours now. The doctor had let me go, giving my tablets and what not, told me to take it easy and that he would send me out a date for my scan.

‘I.. I’m’ I couldn’t get it out, I just broke down once again, Bob bless his little hearts didn’t know what was going on, he just got in behind me and held me close to him. I heard the door go and Bob kissed my head and got up to great his boyfriend. I heard them talking.

‘Bobby, baby what’s wrong?’ Franks voice was full of concern.

‘I.. its Cassie, she was really sick today, I got her to agree to go to the hospital, they let her go about 3 hours ago and all she’s done is cry since we got back, I don’t know what’s wrong, she goes to tell me but she can’t get the words out, she just breaks down even more, I’m so worried’ I could here the chock in his voice, he was trying so hard not to cry in front of Frank.

‘Oh baby, come here, she will be ok, shh calm down, why don’t you go make yourself a coffee, I’ll go talk to her, you just relax baby, I love you’ Frank walked into my bedroom and crawled up the bed beside me and turned me to look at him, he wiped my tears away and looked me in the eye.

‘What’s the matter princess’ he asked me softly, I loved living with Bob and Frank, they where my best friend and like brothers to me. I just loved them to bits.

‘ I.. I can’t say it’ I broke down again. Frank looked so sad, it hurt me to see him hurt when I’m like this.

‘Baby girl, bobby and I can’t help you if you don’t tell us, and I promise, what ever it is, we will be here for you, we love you, baby girl’ He kissed my check and wiped my tears.

‘I.. I’m 4 months pregnant’ I chocked out. Frank eyes light up, but then turned to anger. Then sadness.

‘Baby girl, I am so sorry, but you have me and bobby we will stick by you no matter what.’ he held me close while I cried, my hand on my stomach. Deep down I was happy that I was going to be a mother, but what really killed was that the father was someone who did not love me, not one bit. He was my first, we did it once, then a month later he left me, I was crushed. I never wanted to be with anyone ever again, I never wanted to be hurt like that again. Bob came in and lay down on my other side, they both held me tightly. They stayed with me that night, till I fell into a dreamless sleep


We were making dinner, well me and Bob was, Frank was playing with Lily. My king Charles puppy. Gerard was coming over because I needed to tell him about the baby, Bob told me he had some news to tell me, but I nicely told Bob that I didn’t want to hear anything that had to do with Gerard other then my baby. Bob backed down. The door bell went and I started to shack, I was nervous I hadn’t seen him since we broke up. Bon went to answer the door because he didn’t trust Frank to do it because he knows Gerard would end up with a bloody nose before he stepped foot inside the door.

‘Hi Bob’ I heard him mumble. Bob said something but I could hear it because Lily started barking because she knew Gerard was here, Lily adored Gerard and He adored her, he had gotten her for me about 3 months before we broke up. When Gerard walked in Lily pounced on him, covering him in kisses, he laughed.

‘Hey Lily, miss me?’ She barked and licked his face, he laughed and put her down. Frank helped me to finish dinner and set the table, we all ate in silence and we dinner was finished, Bob and Frank took the plates and went to there bedroom to let us talk.

‘What’s this about Cassie?’ He asked, he smiled at me, I didn’t return it.

‘I have something to tell you, and I know you might not like it, but its my chose.’ I said bitterly.

‘Ok, shoot’ He sat back on his and our eyes locked, I couldn’t look away.

‘I’m pregnant and I’m Keeping the baby.’ I said touching my stomach and smiled.

‘You’re pregnant?’ He asked shocked.

‘Yes’ I said, I could see a slight smile in his eyes.

‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting this, how far are long are you?’

‘16 weeks’ I smiled. ‘I asked you over hear to tell you, and to know if you wanted to be apart of his or her life, I understand if you don’t, I mean it will fuck things up with you and.. Her, and also your still really young and have your whole life ahead of you’ It hurt me to say this, but I wanted him to know he had a chose, I didn’t want him to think he HAD to be involved if he didn’t want to be.

‘No. I want to be apart of my Childs life, Please let me?’ His eyes where pleading.

‘Of course you can, you are the father and I’d never stop you from seeing him or her’ I smiled at him and he smiled back.

‘Can we go into the living room to talk? It will be more comfortable for you.’ He stood up and smiled, I nodded and we walked into the living room. I sat down on the couch and he sat on the love chair.

‘Cassie, I have to tell you something.’ I nodded. ‘I’m sorry about .. You know but were not.. Together anymore, just the thought of being with her makes me sick, I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess I wasn’t, I know its no excuse and it doesn’t change things, but I just wanted you to know. No about our baby, when did you find out?’ I was shocked by what he had told me, but I understood that he didn’t want to talk about it and nor did i.

‘Last week, I was very ill and we, meaning Frank, Bob and I thought it was something really serious, but it turns out, its what’s suppose to happen when your pregnant’ I smiled at him.

‘How sick where you?’ He asked concerned.

‘Very, I was throwing up all the time, for abut a months, I could barley eat anything because it wouldn’t stay down, I was dizzy and getting headaches.’ I said, trying not to think about it. I still felt sick, but with the tablets the doctor gave me, I could eat, and keep it down.

‘Are you still that sick?’

‘No the doctor gave me tablets and I’m a lot better now, I’m still sick in the mornings but only sometimes.’ I smiled at him and he smiled back.

‘I can’t believe you’re pregnant, that I’m going to be somebody’s father. its.. Its amazing’ He laughed slightly,

‘Yeah.. It is.. Really amazing’ I really had never had thought I would become a mother and feel so much love for this little baby growing inside of me.He came over and sat beside me.

‘Can I?’ he asked pointing to my stomach. I nodded.

‘He lifted up my top a little and put his hand on my stomach, I had a tiny bump and only if you looked close enough could you tell it was there, I loved it already.

‘Wow, you have a tiny bump’ he said in a whisper. His touch sent shivers up my spine, I couldn’t be this close to him. I stood up quickly , he looked shocked.

‘I.. I’m sorry, I just can’t be that close to you , I’m sorry’ tears where forming in my eyes but I refused to let them fall, he stood up and look down at his feet.

‘No its ok, I understand, I hurt you, I hurt you bad, I would never expect you to feel ok about being close to me again, I lucky your even talking to me’

‘I’m only talking you because I’m carrying your baby’ I snapped, he looked up at me and looked like he had been slapped in the face. I walked out of the living room and into my bedroom slamming the door.

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