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a kiss on the lips

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"hey who is this?" Gerard said looking at the girl who was hinding behind Mikey.
"why dont you ask her?" mikey said, putting me in my place to impress his new friend.
"well then whats your name?" i asked look at her.
"i'm Alicia Simmons, but alice for short" she seemed nice enough. but she was way too happy for me, but i knew mikey liked her. so i would play along whenever he tryed to impressed her and flirt.
"well who are you?" mikey said looking at frank.
i had almost forgotten he was there. then i had butterflys in my tummy. i looked up at him,
"tt.." the worlds got caught in on the tip of my tounge
great could i look any more stupid.
"i'm Frank, and you are?" frank said looking mickey up and down.
"i'm Mikey, Gerars brother." mikey said with a smile.
Mickey and Alice sat down, and we talked for ages, but it only seemed like seconds.
i looked at my phone, and it was time to go home.
"you guys want to come back to ours?" i said, more dirceting it towards Frank then alice.
"i cant sorry, maybe next time" alice said
my head turned to frank who was looking down, i could see his eyes though his shinny black hair. the butterflys where back, i hoped he said yes. what the fuck am i saying, i better he doesnt even like me tht way, even if he is bi. hmm i'm going to have to find this out.
"frank?" i said trying to get his attension, maybe he doesnt even want to be my friend and was just being my friend to be nice. i hate my li...
just i was about to finnish that sentce in my head he spoke
"sure, i would love to" i he looking at me with a smile.
for a second i thought it was just me and him. we must have been looking ta each other for a while because mikey got up and waved his hands between us.
"i'm going to walk Alice to the bus stop" he said walking away from us.
i nooded and looked back at frank.
"lets go?" i said to him getting up.
"sure, help me up?" he said holding his hand out for me to help him.
"lazy" i jokingly said.
i held his hands and felt the sparks again. he was pulling on my hands and i was cought of gard and he pulled me down on top of him.
"sorry" he said looking at me
i couldnt help myself anymore. i was on top of him, sparks flying everywhere. i lent down, our forheads touching. he kept looking at me, both or us started to move closer, our noses touching now. he didnt seem to mind. my heart was beating million beats per second. i moved my head to the left and so did he, i moved in for the kiss.
our lips touched, it was magic, i have never kissed anything so soft. i never wanted this to soft. frank fliped me over so he was on top and things started to get rough. it was getting a little too much for me. he bit my lip hard i yelled in pain breaking the kiss.
"sorry" frank said getting up
he was about to walk away when i got up and hugged him
" dont be sorry, i'm just new to this." i said looking down, not wanting to see his reaction.
he pulled me in close, put his hand under my ching and made me look at him. and kissed me again, this time it was soft, but i was the one that got more into this time. he broke it off. i sighed.
"come on lets get to yours before your brother does" he said taking my hand and walking pulling me with him.

okay i know i sadi this was going to be a long one, but i failed sorry :(
And sorry its late had things to do, stupid textiles :(
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