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mick mars??????????????

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my pov
ok mick mars is kinda hot but hes a lil quiet and standoffish. i like that i more goth then anything soo atleast ik he wont be to talkitive. not that i HATE talkitive ppl i only hate em wen they have absolutley nothing 2 say and talk in circles any way yeah all this thinking is annoying me cuz yeahhhhh

micks pov
she seems kinda pretty in a not so talkitive way that could be a good thing. she seems a lil goth but thats kool log as shes not like marilyn manson goth cuz thats like way overboard in ma opinion hell shell probably love the make up and all that shit i honestly dont give a flying fuck what she thinks of him hes just some weird fucker who is way to fucking weird anyway im annoying myself with all these thoughts sooo yeah

thee end of this chapter

yeah mick was probablt the easist to write i think
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