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Under One's Black Wing

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Michelle and Gerard have become friends... sort of. They just met. Michelle's the new girl at a private school, Gerard saw her getting bullied, followed her around... why don't you just read?

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Gerard's POV
Michelle Myers... Her name runs through my head and only infrequantly forgetting her. She hasn't texted me yet. I can't say for certain that she's going to be fine, but that nose bleed looks kind of serious. No, not kind of. It looks very serious. I've already gone through a class and now's my spare. I've checked up on little Michie every three to five minutes. I'm basicly pacing back and forth. Ray's already asked me what's wrong. I told him about this mistress of complexion.
"The way her arms wrapped around me, they were warm and like straps," I started to explain. "She nuzzled my cheek with her own and it sent a tingle down my spine. But a pleasant tingle. It kind of tickled like the way Frankie used to lick my cheek. I've never really been touched like that by a girl."
"Sounds like someone's got a schoolboy crush on her," Ray sings. I can tell he's teasing for once.
"Not exactly a crush... more of a curiousity to the female figure which makes a warm feeling my chest."
"And in your pants too." He jokes. I punch him in the arm lightly. I know that if he punches back he's going to do more damage. Instead he agrees saying that he deserved that hit. "Well if she kept hanging on to you and got a little comfortable on your back, maybe she likes you."
"That's insane. No one thinks of me that way other than Frankie."
Frank. I totally forgot about him. That short pint-sized Romeo of mine. He and I have been a couple since grade nine. His long arms over my shoulders and my hands bellow my waist... The way his lips hover over mine as a tease. I have to bend down for me to kiss him. The thought of this makes me smile. Then that smile slowly and hesitantly falls back into a frown. That's considered cheating... isn't it? To have a crush on someone while dating another person? I don't want to admit to Ray it's a crush. Maybe Mikey will understand.
And as if on cue, Frankie came running towards Ray and I. He dodged every person and leg like a monkey swinging from vine to vine. Once he got close enough he jumped and landed into my arms.
"Gee!" He shouted as he sprung from the ground. "So, who's this new chick I've been hearing about? I overheard some jocks saying she was a perfect match for Mikey with her akwardness." He tells us as he was letting go of me.
"For Mikey?" I can hear my jealousy in my own voice. Ray must've heard it too because I heard him snicker. I elbow his stomache, only to get that saved punch in my own shoulder. It was his form of a "light" punch though it still hurts. "She isn't that akward once she gets use to you."
"You've met her? Is she cool? Does she like coffee?" Frank continues questioning me. I eventually giggle.
"She's a very kind and gentle woman. She doesn't deserve the pain. She's experianced lots of beatings, more than all of us combined. We need to let her know she's welcomed to our little clique."
"Roger." Ray replies in a sarcastic voice. He's only joking around with the sarcasm.
That's when I get a text message. The highest hopes for me is that it's from Michie. The vibration on my butt makes me jump into Frankie. The short boy catches me and makes a little duck face. I chuckle. I take out my flip phone and begin to search for the text. It IS her. She got out of the office, but now she's getting bullied again.

Michelle's POV
The four girls pin me against the wall. They're teasing me for the small tape on the bridge of my nose. One of the girls have stilletoes... Pretty sure she was one of them who tripped me. I begin to hope Gerard will find me, I'm not that far from the nurses office. Infact, I'm just a few feet from the door. If only that one girl wasn't blocking the path to it.
"So, did we break it yet?" Stilleto Chick sasses trying to intimedate me. "Well? Speak up you Reputational--"
Don't say Hybrid... Please, just don't...
"You finish that sentance and our wickets are going up your asses," There appears Gerard and two boys. The fro boy I saw earlier, the other one was short. Very, VERY short. He had hair that spiked in the back, black sleek hair. Pale skin and tattoos on his arms. There were spacers filling the holes in his ears. He looked skinnier than Gerard.
"Hey look, your vampire boyfriend's come to protect you." Mocks one of the blonder girls.
"He's not my boyfriend..." I mumble. Gerard and the boy with the afro break through the barricade of preps and grabs my arms to pull me out. They take me to my locker, happily explaining who each other is. Ray's the dude with the afro. He appearantly can play an electric guitar as if it's nothing. Frank. He's the midget. I'm even surprised to know he also plays guitar. But one thing hurt me the most when I found out. Considering I grew a crush on him as if I knew him for ages, Gerard and Frankie's an item.
They began to explain who's who. Ray is the cooler one out of the four boys. He's actually very strong. The uniform makes him look a little squishy. Frank's a freak. He's bubbly, mischievious, and hilarious. He makes anyone laugh. Even laughing makes us laugh because it's so contagious. It's adorable. He told me that someone he knows called it a "Pot laugh" because he was once experimenting with marijuana. Mikey. He's the more silent and nerdy type. Like me, he gets shoved into lockers and beaten to bits. He has asthma too. Then there's Gerard. The man of mystery. He doesn't tell much about his past to people he doesn't know. Infact, also because of his vampire-like make-up, he's called a vampire.
They wanted to know about me. What I was like in my eyes. I paused unsure of what to tell them. I didn't exactly give that any thought. Gawking, I'm trying to find the words for it. The words that first pop in my head are "Quiet, Weak, Innocent, Creative, Different."
"Well," I say dramaticly pausing. "I'm Quiet, Weak, Innocent, Creative, and Different. Oh, and I'm sensitive." Another little detail entered my mind. The pain in my lower arms came back. The heat pulsing with my heart beat. Gerard can tell something's up. He looked at me concerned as I lowered my head and slowly placed my wrists behind my back.
Frankie, whom I forgot was behind me, grabs my arms and reveils my scars. I can hear the little emphasised gasp he makes. I snatch my arms back and turn to face all three males. I slide up my jacket sleeve and turn over my wrists. Fifteen or seventeen red scabs all in lines mark each wrist. The boys look at me in disappointment. Now they're going to see me as a suicidal nerd. The bell rings and Frankie and Ray pat my back and wander off to their next class. Gerard stays behind with me as the teenagers flood the halls. Gee steals my hand to bring me to a desserted hallway.
"How fresh are these marks?" He asks holding up my arms, my wrists facing up. I lower my head and bite my lip. "Please tell me."
I mumbled something. He asked me to speak up. "I made more yesturday, before falling asleep." He sighs and pulls me into his arms. His chin rested upon my head. I feel like I want to cry, but then again, I also want to fall asleep again. Right there. Within his hold. I opened my eyes and I swear, I saw a big, black, feathery wing. It disappeared on me within a second. That was... weird.
He kisses my forehead and makes his departure, like how he kissed my cheek. When he's out of sight, I'm alone. I take a step forward and feel something underneath my dress shoes. I look down and something black is sticking out from under my foot. I lift my leg up and pick up what is only a feather. A big black feather. Just like the feathers on the wings. It creeped me out. The wings disappearing and then a feather that matched the wing's shade of darkness. I peer out around the corner and watch as he walks down the hallway to his locker. I examine the feather.
"What... the... hell?" I mutter scoping my enviorment before heading for my own locker to prepare for music class.
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