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Nothing Is Private Anymore!

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Gerard starts to regret some decisions in a hilarious manner.

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I was really bored. I decided to Google "Gerard Way". Within seconds there were millions of hits. I skimmed and saw and interesting one.
"My Chemical Romance. Gerard and Frank meet. Well that seems intereting." I mumbled. And with that I clicked on it. I read through the first chapter and it was well written. It was about Gerard as a teenager. Just him drawing into the night then waking up late for school and almost missing his bus. I went to the next chapter, then I read through the next chapter, then through the next. God! According to this he was a social reject! Haha, he was uncool. In the chapter after that entered Frankie. They became friends. Duh! Of course they'd be friends! They're in a band together for God's sake! I started to read the next chapter. It was all them smoking and ditching class and talking. Then I started the next one. There it took a creepy turn for the weird. What the hell? " 'Gerard felt Frankie's lips crash into his, soft and warm. Before he realized he was kissing back, melting into the kiss as a fire spread through his body and Frank's hand slid up his shirt.'?" I dialed my dad's number and he picked up on the second ring.
"Hello?" his voice drifted though the phone reciever.
"DAD!" I shouted. "Why didn't you tell me that you and Frank were dating? Why didn't you tell me you like him that way? What the hell Dad! What am I gonna find out next that you two were effin' each other?" I continued to scream at him through the phone as I read. "Oh well I guess you guys were!" I said as I shuddered as I read the line indicating exactly that.
"What?" he asked in shock and disbelief.
"I mean sure Frankie's hot but seriously! You should have told me! I'm okay with it if your bi but you should have told me before I heard from some third party about you guys having butt sex!"
"Bandit, what the f**k are you reading?"
"I'm reading it off the internet. Oh and look there's pictures of him kissing you and licking your-
"Turn it off right now. TURN IT OFF." he demanded. I had to admit they made a nice couple and looked sorta hot-eww did I just say my dad is hot?!? "Bandit, it's called Frerard. As in Fr from Frankie and rard fron Gerard. The fans write them. I don't really want you reading them. Anyway, Frankie's here next to me and wanted to talk to you." oh God! Did he hear all that?
"Hey Bandit?"
"...Do you really think I'm hot?" I heard people on the other end burst out laughing, I was mortified.
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