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Holding On Tonight

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The last chapter.

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I put my palm to my face harshly. He'd hurt himself before because he thought I didn't love him. And that was what I'd told him. What the fuck had I done? Why was I leaving him by himself this very second?! I immediately changed course, sprinting for his house. For some reason, I had a really, really bad feeling. Like a part inside me was dying. A sudden urge to make sure he was okay.

I knew perfectly well that we were meant for eachother.

I kicked open his shitty door and ran to his room, seeing how messy his house was and how it absolutely stunk. I heard painful and uncontrollable crying from his room. Shit. I kicked that door open aswell and I immediately started crying at the scene before me. 'HELP' was painted on the wall in massive red lettering, and beneath, a shabby, broken, Gerard.
"Baby." I cried, rushing down to him.
"Why. Frank. Huh?" He was utterly confused. Dangerously confused. I gasped when I saw his arms. Hundreds of new cuts, and three massive ones which looked like they had only just been done.
"Shit." I choked, trying to stop the bleeding by taking my shirt off and wrapping it around his arm.
"What have I done?" I said between my tears. I saw my diary was lying open beside him.
"Oh Gerard." I continued crying, cradling him to my chest, his body limp, him crying. Neither of us could stop.

"I lied, Gerard. I still love you. More than I did. I thought you'd be better off without me. Oh fuck, what have I done?" I clutched him closer. He just replied by crying harder. There was empty bottles everywhere.
"I-I did cocaine." He managed to stutter.
"WHAT?!" I cried.
"Sorry." Only just escaped from his mouth. I looked to the 'HELP'.
"I'll help, Gerard. I promise. and I promise I don't regret you. Fuck, you were the best thing to ever happen to me. I don't regret giving myself to you. I don't regret you. At all. You're my world." I told him.
He scratched at my chest. Not in a bad way, it was more sort of a needingful gesture.
"I need you too, these past weeks have been torture." He nodded in agreement.
"I love you Frankie." He whispered. I sighed with relief.
"Thank God." I replied. We slowly stopped crying.
"I need to get rid of all your alcohol. You're never doing that again. Please. Show me all of it. Alcohol and drugs. Everything." He nodded, leading me to the kitchen by my hand. He pointed to the kitchen cupboard.
"There's some beside my bed aswell." He said, his voice hoarse. My God, there was shitloads. I put everything into a box and took it out, ending up putting it deep in the undergrowth. He wouldn't look there. I went back inside, my arms held out to Gerard. He gladly fell into them. He kissed me longingly, our lips happy to see eachother again.
"Don't you dare ever leave me again." He demanded when we came up for breath.
"Never." I agreed sternly between kisses. "By the way, Revenge comes out tomorrow."
"Really?! I don't even know what day it is." He admitted. I smiled and we both shut up and just kissed. We'd missed eachother too much.


"A THOUSAND DOWNLOADS IN THE FIRST HOUR?!" Mikey gasped. "No fucking way. Gerard, Mom's buying them all." Gerard laughed. We were sitting there, watching the numbers go up on the people who were buying our new album. It was unbelievable how many people had recognised us when walking to Ray's house this morning. People liked our music. Wow.
Gerard and I were ecstatic whilst going back to mine.
"This is amazing." He said. I agreed. We got to my house and both collapsed on my couch.
"Not as amazing as you." I flirted.
"Mm, thanks baby." He winked comically. I laughed and he pushed me down on the couch, and started kissing me from on top. It was a long, pure, passionate kiss. Our arms tightly around eachother, millions of butterflies in out stomachs, no hunger for sex in that moment, it was just a kiss between two guys who were in love with eachother and having success with their band.
"You know what? I feel perfect."
"So do I." I replied, smiling against his lips. MCR was successful, being trapped underneath Gerard, his fingers in my hair, kissing?

Yeah. Things honestly were finally perfect.

So yeah, that went pretty quickly, and that's the end. So, I was thinking of putting my other Frerard up? It's sort of more like your general highschool one, but that's not the point. Thank you to everyone who read this! :D
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