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Chapter Four - Nell

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Room mates

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I stretched, tensing every muscle in my body. My best friend, Sendoa, was still snoring next to me. I looked at the clock and groaned. We were gonna be late to school at this point.

Yawning, I shook Sendoa. “Mmm...Sen. Sen! Sendoa Otsoa! Wake up you lazy wad! We're late!”
she rolled over and yawned, her tongue curling like a dog. Which didn't shock me, being as she's a wolf. The shocking thing was that we got along. Cats and dogs, you know.

I sighed and tensed my right hand. My claws popped out from my fingertips. After she'd rolled over, Sen's ass was facing me. Stupid.

Just like any other cat, I knew how to claw. With a quick swipe, I clawed the side of her ass. I drew my hand back as she yelped and jumped off the edge of the bed.

“Hey!” she pulled herself up and glared at me, her hair falling into her amber-brown eyes. I laughed as she shook her head, throwing her sandy blond hair over her shoulder.

“Oh! Sorry Sendoa hun. We're gonna be late.” I climbed off the bed and jogged to the closet. “Shit!” she shouted, jumping off the floor and running to the bathroom.

“Sendoa! Don't take to long in there! We need to eat before we go and I need in there too!” She dropped something and cursed.

“Uh, shit! Can you make some toast or something while I'm in here?” I pulled my jeans on. “Sure. Two pieces?” I shoved my boots on. “Yeah! OW! Fuck!”

I ran to the kitchen and put four pieces of bread in the toaster and grabbed the margarine from the fridge.

Looking down, I saw the pink-plaid design of my bra. “Ohmygod!” I sprinted back to the room and yanked a black tank-top out of one of my drawers.

I slipped it one and put some deodorant under my arms. Sen strode in and went to the closet. I ran past her and into the bathroom.

Oh thank god she left the flat iron on. I ran it through my hair, it shimmered around my face like a black curtain.

“Sen! Go finish the toast!” she sighed and ran past the open door. She paused and wolf-whistled at me. “Oh la la! Someone looks sexy! Who's the scratching post this time?”

She ducked when I threw the tissue paper at her. I shook my head and finished putting eyeliner around my silvery-green eyes.

We had to shove our toast in our mouths as we rode to school on our bikes. My parents let us stay for free in the old apartment building they owned. It was like having the whole place to ourselves, do to the fact that all the tenants had moved out in 2001 after 9/11.
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