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Elevators! and A Life or Death Action Adventure

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"I thought you were dead." Rachelle hissed, holding the doors to the elevator open.
It was sudden, but she knew what she was doing.
"Killing will only get you to Hell." John said, a freaky grin stretched across his face.
Charlie rolled her eyes.
"No crap." she murmured. Then she decided to take a new turn...
She smiled, "Come out here!"
She said, the freaky grin now stretching across her face. John wasn't reluctant, Charlie pressed the down arrow inside the elevator and the elevator went down and she held the exterior doors open revealing a dark, big, black shaft.
"Isn't it pretty?" Charlie said. "Look, you can see the lights on the roof of the elevator."
Chains stretched vertically from one end of the shaft to another.
"It is pretty!" John exclaimed, then put his hand on Charlie's shoulder.
Charlie has personal space issues and stood paralyzed.
"Are you nervous?" he said, moving his hand up her shoulder.
"No, You. Should. Be." she hissed, getting a knife out of her pocket and jabbing it into his back.
"Ow!" he screamed.
Charlie twisted it out of his grip and plunged the knife into his chest. She held the shaft doors open and pushed him down the shaft. Nothing but the echoes of terror remaining in the air. Charlie then pressed the down button again and waited for the "ding" that lets her know her elevator is ready.
The elevator doors open and she walks inside and hits ground floor and watches the door shut. The elevator lowers and Charlie can hear the reassuring noises of bones crushing. Then, before she knew it, she was in the lobby. The cops were there, talking to a resident, "Where did you hear the screaming?" a muscular police officer asked, his goatee longer than his chin.
"Coming from the sixth floor." the woman with long brown hair said. There was an old lady standing next to her, with a cane and glistening white dentures. Charlie, stunned, walks out of the building, casually, and she runs to the car, pretending like she's late for work. She kept checking her watch and it was pouring out, so her hair began to stick to her head. Oddly, she began to cry. Yes, Charlie was scared. She didn't want to die in prison.

Now, she, had a reason to cry over spilled blood.

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