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Watch as these city lights dance for me

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"And that concludes the lesson for today girls." Mr. Carlton announced just as the bell rung. Abbey swore that each teacher timed their lesson. "Put up the chairs will you?"
There was a quiet buzz as the students conversed amongst themselves. Abbey reminisced her days as a student before the takeover. The last bell for school always triggered an explosion of conversation. The murmur of voices these days wouldn't even alert the most stringent of library monitors.
Abbey slipped her headphones on and left the classroom humming. People parted for her as she passed through the hallways. The days of strange looks was gone, replaced by indifferent faces. The students didn't know how to adapt to Abbey Palini, so they aborted trying and just pretended she didn't exist.
At the school gates there was no teacher vainly trying to organize the tide of teenagers fighting to get onto the bus. In 2019 it was a calm process that required no supervision. Besides, who had even heard of kidnapping?
The subway was very similar. Perhaps the only positive thing that Abbey could point out about BL/ind's influence over Battery City was that the people didn't feel the need to be lazy and sleep in, and therefore create the dreaded rush hour. Those who felt the need left for work early. And those that left late rang ahead to check that their boss would be fine with it, which they always were.
So Abbey passed her card through the ticket machine and stepped straight onto the train.
On the 15 minute trip home she contemplated her relationship with her mother. 'Maybe I'm being a little hard on mum. She's only looking out for me. I'm not exactly a model daughter.' Her thoughts processed the pros and cons of seeking medical advice for her condition and by the time the train was pulling in at her stop she had reached a conclusion.
'I'll get mum and dad to sit down with me and we're going to talk about this like a family.' she smiled neutrally at the person letting her through the door first. 'No more of this bullshit where I get left out of every conversation. I want to hear what they have to say, not through the walls of my bedroom.'
Abbey was pleased with her conclusion and took a moment to think about growing up. 'Maybe I am become a little more mature. I don't yell as much as I used to, even though I struggle with containing my opinions.'
She ascended the steps of the subway out into the sunlight and walked the last mile home.
'I'm looking forward to having my own apartment. I wont have to worry about my parents breathing down my neck about taking the pills. I don't see the point, they don' do anything except give me a stomach ache.'
She noted that the garage was empty of both cars as she walked up the driveway. Abbey unlocked the door to an empty house. There was a note on the fridge.
Father and I have gone to visit grandmother in hospital. Might not be back until late. $ for pizza in draw. Hope you like your new room!
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