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The Questions

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Gerard just doesn't understand and he wants to get some answers. pleasee be the amazing audience you are and R&R :)xx

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A/N: Hey guys OMG I LEAVE SCHOOL IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS :O AHHHH its scary I have been actual enjoying school despite the very little friends I have there i.e. 2 lol XD anyway on another note OMFG you are all just brilliant I can’t get over all my chapters being green I never thought my work was good enough for it, but apparently according to you guys it is and I couldn’t thank enough. I just really hope you all carry on enjoying my work it really does mean a lot and all the reviews and rates just make me more motivated to carry on :D you can have the used boxers for just being so awesome!! Please carry on rating and reviewing I think you can all gather how much it means to me lol
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I franticly rushed to the bathroom after starring at the door for a good 5 minutes, when he left, leaving me very baffled and shocked. I then hastily made my way to the bathroom and examined my face in the mirror, and viewed the tired misty jade-hazel eyes that were staring back at me. My hair was a mess and had completely lost its height looking flat and horrible. I sighed and effortlessly grabbed my gel trying to tame my hair ruffling it up giving back its height it lost throughout the day, still knowing it was yet to be flat again within a few hours. In a couple of minutes my hair was ready and looked extremely better than it did beforehand. I then began to add some eyeliner then catching a glimpse of the time in the mirror from the bedroom. Damn, I should of been out 10 minutes ago. I had better get to work.


“Ha-ha..I...I tell you....he hee looks like he has baaad toe jam! ” my brother slurred while producing hiccups here and there. We all doubled over in laughter at Mikey’s random statement about some hobo looking guy-walking buy.

Mikey hasn’t drunk for a long time so him shouting out with excitement about weird homeless looking freaks and whatnot wasn’t much of a surprise. I remember last year when I first gave Mikey a proper drink, I managed to get a few beers for us despite my appearance being somewhat near an 11 year old. I sneakily brought them home and carried them upstairs to my room. I’m fortunate to have the attic for my bedroom so when my mom goes downstairs she can’t hear a thing. When I entered my room with Mikey sitting on my bed playing his DS he was curious to try the beers that I snuck in. After having the little pep talk about the after effects when you drink he was quiet satisfied to try a beer, little did I know he was going to gulp down two cans. I just assumed he would just pass out after not even half a can, I never thought he would go that wild. I suppose I should never underestimate Mikey again.

We were all enjoying ourselves at this festival, I was pretty content here and Mikey always lightens the moods when he is drunk, as his overactive behaviour just tickles our stomachs making us laugh hysterically as he blurts out some useless rubbish.

The festival played some really good bands even though some crap artists did come on with speed garbage and rubbish rap. The bands were really awesome, I like good British music and a lot of them were puck and really great to head bang to, and even more great to see Mikey head bang to. That boy has got enough energy to fill everyone here. It’s just me, Bob, Mikey and his roommate Danny. He is a pretty quirky character and is just as crazy as Mikey when partly drunk, which is just so fun to watch. We have two types of entertainment to watch tonight it’s awesome.

We just finished having a drinking competition due to Bob and his amazing ideas. I really missed having Bob around, I don’t think I have ever got drunk with Bob and it was absolutely amazing. Thumbs up to defiantly doing it again. I also taught the guys the master of getting sober quicker as getting this drunk wasn’t really the best of ideas. I told them to drink some water after they drunk more booze, hopefully that will work and luckily I have brought a bag of sweets and deodorant with me to hopefully disguise the smell and drunken behaviour.

I haven’t even thought about Frankie the whole time and the night is...wait I just thought about him. Damn. Wait....I just called him Frankie...Aww that sounds...eww no what am I saying... well...thinking.

Fuck this booze is really getting to me.

Now my eyes are tearing away from the guys and onto Frank. How...why did he even pop up into my head, did my head really have to be this fucked up? As my eyes caught onto him I saw that he was now with the his cauliflower friend. He was talking to Frank but he seemed almost oblivious to his friend. He looked worried as he looked around, fiddling with his hands as I saw him do once before with me. He didn’t look himself, like I have been noticing recently. Insecure and nervous were the words to describe him, unlike all the words under the sun I used to describe him before. His dark amber eyes crossed mine and then I caught onto them as I was staring at him. They stayed frantic for a while but he soon flashed me a quick smile, although it seemed laced with guilt and almost seemed forced, bit in some way it was sincere enough.
My emotionless face broke as I then suppressed a smile back. His smile then dropped and he then quickly wondered across the sea of people as I saw his form and soon enough the cauliflowers disappear. I looked back at the guys, trying to forget Frank. I looked to the guys and saw Mikey and Danny trying to get piggy backs from Bob. Looks fun, I may try that.


“Ugh,” I said groggily as I stirred awake from my drunken slumber. Man, I don’t even remember getting back to our ho...oowwwww shit. I’m not in the hotel. I rubbed my eyes and sleepily rolled over and immediately crushed my back on a really sharp object.

“Ahhh fuck!” I yelped and instantly sat up whipping my hand round my back rubbing the area where most likely laid a sharp rock. I rolled my eyes and lent on my hands, leaning them on the ground behind me.

Shit! Where am I, I’m not even by the festival. I questioned rubbing my eyes and looking around more clearly at my surroundings. Nothing but trees were what I was seeing. I scratched my head vigorously very annoyed with myself. I’m so stupid how could I have got lost, I was with the guys a minute ago. Damn I’m supposed to look after Mikey, and most defiantly when he is drunk.

I got up slowly and raised to my feet, obviously too quick than I realised as I then felt dizzy for a while feeling as if my surroundings were spinning. All I could see were greenery and trees it was ever so dark and it’s safe to say I’m scared out my mind. I then caught a quick glimpse of something silver glisten out the corner of my eye. I used the little knowledge I had and planned to make my way over, staggering over to what I thought was the nearest seat. I clumsily plopped myself down, only realising too late that it was in fact a swing. I then fell off the unstable swing not able to reach out for anything quick enough, and then resulting to landing on the dirty mud directly on my ass.

“Ouch,” I hissed as I felt the pain in my rear end rise. I rubbed it better. Thank god, no one was around, they would probably think that some weird creepy one-man sex act is occurring.

Just then a I heard faint giggles echo around me, somewhere close by. I whipped my head around to the direction of the nose and quickly disconnected my hand from my backside.

Spoke to soon didn’t you.

I then heard the giggles continue to echo around me. I stood still listening carefully, trying to figure out where the giggles were coming from, Wait they sounded very familiar. In fact, they are....

“Whoa,” I yelled stumbling to the ground as Frank suddenly appeared out of the bunches with a huge grin plastered on his face as he tried to stifle his laughter. I turned a deep scarlet as my emoticons were mixed with anger and embarrassment.

“Ohh, I see another one of your jokes, where the hell am I Frank?” I mumbled with my eyebrows threaded together as my anger rose. I looked at him and frowned as his laugher had now come to a halt. “I knew you weren’t sorry,” I huffed to myself unfortunately loud enough for him to hear me.

He smiled and smirked a little, more than likely still at my misfortune. I pulled a face and tried to ignore him as I examined the dirt and god knows what else on my hands. He stopped then and stepped forward towering over me, which was a very unusual feeling.

“Here,” he said as he outstretched his hand down to me. I looked up to him and instantly locked my eyes onto his golden orbs, as they dragged me in letting me lose myself in those....

I shook myself out of it and quickly took his hand and clasped mine into his, wrapping my fingers around his soft skin. All of a sudden I was overflowed with a flood of butterflies and felt tingles spark and flicker to my fingers and then spread around my hand, soon enough infecting the rest of my body with these weird but enchanting feelings as I clutched onto his warm hand. It was a pleasurable feeling lifting me up and made my heart strangely thump faster than normal, it almost felt like it was going to burst out of me any second and as if the whole word could hear its every beat. It completely took away the miserable feeling that I was in and placed me on cloud nine.

He smiled at me curling his right lip slightly further into a soft caring smile. I then returned the smile as he then pulled me up with force, bringing me up to my feet standing just inches away from him and smelling his irresistible coffee and caramel scented breath allowing it to tickle my lips and making me shiver slightly. It made my eyes fall shut and begin slowly lifting me away as the smell was...

I quickly flicked my eyes open. Why the hell was I acting like such a freak?

I stood still nervously looking into his pools of caramel that matched his sweet breath. I instantly realised that my hand still clasped firmly in his, and we were just inches away from one another.

I awkwardly let go of his hand and coughed while turning my head feeling my cheeks burn with awkwardness, trying to contain my very effeminate behaviour. And he’s the one with the pink belt.

The butterflies that flooded my belly and the tingles that pricked my skin had now disappeared, and I then let out a breath of relief. One I didn’t even realise I was holding. I ran my hot clammy hand over my face and rolled my eyes at my stupid pathetic behaviour.

I looked around and noticed that Frank was now lightly swinging back and forth on the swings, gently pushing his feet in the air to get a soft steady past as he swung slowly. I wondered off to the swings and gently positioned myself on the seat ,being very careful not to repeat the accident beforehand. I looked at him and quickly averted my gaze to the opposite direction feeling strangely nervous.

I looked at him again, but this time his head was bowed down and as I angled my head to see his face it was an almost regretful expression mixed with sadness. He then lifted his head up and met my stare.

“Gerard,” he said softly and sighed, “I didn’t take you here, I don’t know who did but we can’t be.. That...far from the festival,” he said only slightly meeting my eyes.

I was almost going to ask what an earth he was on about butt then I realised what he was saying. I had almost forgot that I accused him for taking me here. Although his defence wasn’t too convincing his voice was.

I looked up to him trying my best to avoid his eyes as I knew it was a bad idea, no matter how tempting. It was like being stuck in a trance and suffering the after effects. It was like the time I watched Tom and Jerry all other again.

“Um okay, I just really don’t know how I got here I...”

“Well everyone is worried, you just disappeared, and everyone is looking for you,” he spoke again cutting me off from my sentence.

“Really?” I said shocked doubting that much people would be worried and but believing that people were actually looking for me.

“Yeah oh and I’m sorry for scaring you earlier....and everything else” he apologised, looking up to me sheepishly. His swinging had slowly stopped and he was now fiddling with his nails and chewing the ends.

“It’s o...okay, just....why did you do it,” I replied. I wanted to know more, It was as if I needed to know why I mean I should, shouldn’t I? And as much as I believed he was sorry I have a right to know why he did it.

“Oh hey, we...we should get you back to the festival, we don’t want them worrying about too much man,” he said jumping off the seat.

“Hey why won’t you tell me, I have a right to know?” I almost shouted, wanting to know why he was like this and why he couldn’t be man enough to tell me. There was something telling me that there is something this boy is hiding, and I feel like he needs to tell someone and I’m just so curious to know.

He turned around and looked at me, my eyebrows knotted together in frustration and anger. It then changed to sympathy as I looked into his eyes bracing myself for another wave of butterflies tingles that I’m sure was about to storm up inside of me. However, when I did his eyes were full the sadness and fear changing my feelings to sympathy as I only felt confusion and pity for him, what for I was yet to find out. What was alarming this boy so much? I am going to find out that’s for sure, it’s going to be my mission to know why he is acting so weird and why he is so sad. What’s done is done and he can’t erase that but why can’t he just tell me why he was mean to me like that, it would just get everything over and done with and stop me from thinking all the time and stop me from catching these weird feelings that occur inside of me. It really is not healthy for me.

“I...I’m sorry Gerard I just can’t tell you,” he said to me, sadness crawling over his features again.

“Why?” I questioned, pushing further wanting to know more.

He sighed “I...It’s complicated... but I am sorry I really am,” he said apologising again although it wasn’t what I wanted.

I sighed and knew it was no use, but I will get the answer off him at some point, just get everything over and done with and maybe things won’t be so awkward.

He looked at me innocently the complete opposite from before and stood there awaiting my reply.

“Ok,” I sighed knowing I wasn’t going to get the answer out of him, but I’ll find a way somehow.

He smiled with relief. “Come on lets go,” he said and began down the woods, through the vast amount of trees while I followed him down close by. Although I don’t know much about him I think I could begin to like him, no matter how confusing he is. I carried on down the path as he lead me further out of the woods, feeling the olive verdant leaves crunch beneath me as we loomed closer to the festival, weaving through the trees, preventing the thorns and branches from snagging our clothes while we deemed to make an exit. As I walked behind him, I found myself examine his figure. I looked at his back and scanned down his legs taking in his slimmed hips as his slightly ripped jeans snug his hips unlike my skinny jeans that tried and failed to pull in all my excess fat. He was slightly lean and small but nothing like the model weight you’d see in magazines. He has a touch of punk essence to him, which I liked; it suited him well and...

“whoa,” I stopped just in time as I nearly trembled over Franks feet as he suddenly stopped. I bumped into the back of him but soon stepped back as I realised that we had now descended the woods and was now in the festival. I was faced with my dreadful teacher and a few students that looked very withdrawn and fed up.

“I found him miss,” Frank spoke trudging further into the festival with his hands shoved into his pockets.

My teacher huffed before speaking.“Well it’s about time, what the hell did you think you were playing at?” my teacher yelled, but then blew her whistle most likely signally the students to come back here, so I didn’t get chance to even explain, then again how could I?
I didn’t even know what I was playing at.

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