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Ciel's eyes began to flutter open as he took in his surroundings. He saw the all to white walls and smelled the over powering scent of disinfectent. Ciel brought his hand to his mouth. Since when did I get here? How long have I been passed out? Ciel thought as the door opened and an awkward looking boy with dark hair started stuttering and fumbling around the room. Ciel sighed, recalling that the boy must have called an ambulance.

"A-are you alright?" The boy asked in a strange, concerned voice.

Ciel sighed. Why is it that people always ask that question?

"I am fine. Don't be concerned, this isn't the first time this has happened, so you don't have to be here." Ciel stated in a cold voice.

Ezra's brow furrowed in confusion. Why was this boy being so ungrateful? All Ezra did was help him. He looked over the smaller boy again. He really did a great job describing him, the boy really did look like a french doll.

"Well, I-I...I'm sorry." Ezra finally said. Ciel's eyes widened a bit. Truthfully, the boy had surprised him.

"It's fine...but honestly, you don't have to be here. I'm leaving now anyways." Ciel said, taking out the i.v. carefully and hopping out of the bed. His bare feet met the cold ground and he shivered lightly.

Ezra started fumbling again. "B-b-but, the doctors said for you too relax and-"

Ciel turned around to the taller boy and smirked. "I honestly don't give a rats ass about the doctors. Now, how many nurses are out there?" He asked as he put on the over sized slippers that were in every patients room. He didn't care that the boy was only being considerate, he just wanted out of the damned hospital.

Ezra blushed, for no particular reason. "I-I, um, I'm not quite sure. Should I check?"

"Yes, that would be very helpful." Ciel said a bit sarcastically, but the boy didn't seem to notice. He doesn't look like he notices much anyway... Ciel thought.

Ezra pocked his head outside the window and looked. No nurses were currently there, as he told Ciel.

"Good. Well then, pleasant meeting you." Ciel waved as he walked straight out of his room. Ezra paniked and ran right after him.

"You can't just leave!" Ezra hissed in a low voice.

"And why not? To stay and have a bunch of doctors tell me what I already know? No thank you." Ciel said, looking for an exit.

"It's not right!" Ezra argued.

Ciel scoffed. "Does it even matter? Being sick all the time isn't right but I usually am."

Ezra looked sympathatically at the boy, wondering what it would be like to be sick all the time. Ciel interrupted his thoughts.

"Whats your name? I don't think I got it yet." Ciel asked, afterwards mumbling about confusing hospitals and impossible exits.

Ezra blushed. "E-Ezra."

Ciel smirked and held out his hand. "I'm Ciel. Pleasant to meet you."

Ezra shook it as Ciel grinned, finally noticing an exit. He started walking off in the direction of the door, but stopped. He turned back to Ezra, with a serious look on his face.

"Your paying for the ambulance, by the way. After all, it was you who called them."

Ezra was left in the middle of the hall way left only with the bill and a confused look on his face. How could such a small, delicate looking thing be so....various words came to Ezra's mind but none seemed to fit.

Probably because none does him justice... He thought, remembering the odd name the boy had.

Never once in his life had he even heard of the name Ciel, and now he was paying for the boy's medical expenses. Great... Why is it that whenever Ezra meets a cute boy he ends up alone and stuck with the check?
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