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Chapter 6- Drowning Lessons.

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Irrelevant chapter title. Meh.

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Okay, since Ficwad decided to be a bitch and not post the last chapter, I have to write it again, so it might not be as good D: but thankyou for all the rates and reviews and patience and nice comments about my dad and stuff :') he's home and recovering now, so thankyou. also me and my best friend Hana are writing a frerard fic together called The Only Hope For Me Is Gee (cheesy, i know :P) and we'd appreciate it if you read it, she writes Gee's POV and I write Frankie's :3

After my unfortunate encounter with Gerard, I decided to cut all my classes and just go home. It wasn't like any of my teachers would notice, because I wasn't exactly cooperative in lessons. I mostly just sat, listening to my iPod under my hoodie or writing up my arms. But Mr Clarkson, he probably would notice I was gone. Chemistry is one of the lessons where I can't get away with anything. Partly, because Clarkson hates me, so he deliberately picks on me to do all shit, and he's constantly glaring in my direction, probably wishing death on my parents for creating me and then enrolling me in this school. It wasn't like I had any friends to cover for me, and Gerard wouldn't exactly be willing to. He'd hate me even more, if that was possible, because like he said he wanted to get a good grade on this shit. But that was his problem, and I wasn't going to let him subconsciously make me do all the work. He could do it himself.
Fuck it. I'll forge a letter from my Mom or the Nurse tomorrow. Clarkson isn't the brightest outside of biology, preppiness and sport, so he'll never know the difference.
I went round to the back of the school, and headed out through the sports fields. I put my hood over my head and walked quickly, with my head bent down, even if the coaches saw me, they'd never know who I was. Honestly though, if they did see me, they'd probably leave it. Wearing a hoodie and skinny jeans here, is considered non-preppy. And if you're not preppy here, you're not important as a student.
When I finally got out of the school grounds I fumbled in my pocket for a lighter, and lit up a cigarette. It calmed me down. It sucked I couldn't do it in my bedroom, in the middle of the night when I needed to be calmed down the most. I walked back home slowly as I smoked, and when I got to my street, I peered at my driveway. I sighed with relief. Mom's car wasn't here, she hadn't randomly decided to come home early.
But when I got to my front door I started freaking out.
The door was unlocked.
Fuck. Did this mean my Mom was home? No, she couldn't be. Her car was gone. Fuck, what if she'd lent it to a co-worker and come home early? No. She was working late today. She can't be home. I must have forgotten to unlock the door or something. I quietly opened the door and crept in, vaguely aware that a burglar or axe-murderer could be inside, waiting for me. But it never once occurred to me to turn around and go back to school.
Then I froze. I could hear music playing, from the kitchen. What? No one ever turns on the TV, or radio, or CD player in there. My Mom doesn't because she hates what's on TV, and she hates my music, and the radio is old and crackly. And I don't because I generally spend my time in my room with my iPod.
'Linda?' Someone called, wearily.
I knew that voice. But what? How?
I went straight into the kitchen, and there she was, standing by the kitchen table, holding a mug of coffee whilst tugging at her blonde hair, was Lucy.
'Lucy?' I gasped. 'What- How? When? Why are you here? But you're at your Dads and-'
'Shut up, Frank.' Lucy replied calmly. 'You can breathe, you know.'
I took a deep breath.
'Lucy, what are you doing here?'
She shrugged.
'I told you I hated it at my Dad's, didn't I?'
'Yes, but-'
'So I figured I'd live with my Mom. But, um, she doesn't know I'm back, and she's probably at work. So I came here, and your Mom was picking something up she'd forgotten, and she said I could stay until I was ready to go to my Mom's.' She paused. 'Is that okay with you?'
'Yeah, sure. Obviously.' I said. 'But Luce, how did you get here?'
Lucy sighed. 'I hated it at Dad's. And Mom said I could come home. She just didn't say, um, when. So I took Dad's card- Don't look at me like that Frank, I'll pay him back- And I kind of, um, got a flight over here. I left Dad a note explaining-'
'A note?' I stared at her. 'Lucy, they'll think you've been kidnapped.'
'No.' She rolled her eyes. 'That's why I left them a note.'
'They'll think some old dude made you write it.'
'No. They'll be relieved I'm out of their lives.'
'What happened, anyway?' I asked her.
'Why did you want to leave so suddenly?' I was curious now. Lucy had always been kind of impulsive, but she'd practically just run away, so things must have been bad.
She winced.
'It was just.. It started out great. Dad and I hung out, and he took me places, and was all nice to me and shit. So I thought, hey, this is better than at Mom's. And no step-dad here. So I moved in with him. And for a while, it stayed good. We hung out together most days, and I went to this new school and I actually made friends. But then, she moved in. Dad's fucking girlfriend, she was such a bitch Frank. She criticized me, every day, and put down my Mom. She was all sugary fake sweetness to me in front of Dad, but when his back was turned she transformed into super-whore. And she made him move me to this fucking all-girls school, where they made me dye my hair back to blonde-' She tugged violently at a fist-full of her newly-dyed blonde hair. I'd wondered when she'd re-dyed it. It'd been red before. 'And Frank, everyone there hated me. The teachers, and the students. I didn't even know why, man. But they just did. The girls said shit to me every day, and they set me up so I was always in trouble. And then one day, they fucking beat me up. I don't even know why. I can't even- Whatever. I told my Dad, but he said I should be grateful I was in such a good school, and to stop attention seeking..' She bit her lip. 'I couldn't fucking take it. I could take being bullied. That shit happened here. But having my own Dad being turned against me by that little blonde bitch, that was to much.'
'Lucy, I..' My voice trailed off. I didn't know what to say.
'It doesn't matter.' Lucy wiped her eyes with her sleeve, hard. Then forced a smile onto her face. 'You've still got your CD's, right?'
'Yeah, but-'
She cut me off. 'Meet you upstairs!' She grinned and headed upstairs.
I sighed.

By the way, happy birthday Gerard Way! :'D and I think this update is pretty long, compared to my usual ones, so hopefully it makes up for not posting for ages? ;)
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