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Journey to Rivendell

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Charlotte, The Four Hobbits and their new companion Strider began their dangerous journey to Rivendell.

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Later on in the early morning, after breakfast Strider leads the hobbits and Charlotte through a gloomy, overgrown forest. Sam follows with "Bill", a scrawny pony, who is laden with supplies. “Where are you taking us?” asks Frodo tired of walking. Charlotte looks back at him. “Into the Wild.” Says Strider. Charlotte sighs and stops walking waiting for Frodo to catch up as Strider keeps on moving. “Here, hop on my back.” She says crouching down. Frodo wraps his arms around her neck and his legs around her middle. Charlotte stands up, holding onto him tightly. “You’re not as heavy as I thought you would be.” She says. Frodo closes his eyes.

“How do, we know this Strider is a friend of Gandalf?” asks Merry. Charlotte looks at him. “We have no choice but to trust him.” She says. “But where is he leading us?” asks Sam. Charlotte smiles as she hears Frodo’s softly breathe. He fell asleep fast. Strider stops looking back at the group. “To Rivendell, Master Gamgee. To the house of Elrond.” He says casting a glance at Charlotte before beginning to lead them again. Sam looks at Bill excitedly. “Did you hear that, Bill? Rivendell! We're going to see the Elves!” he says smiling. Charlotte grins. Strider leads them deeper into the gloom of the forest.

Hours after walking, Charlotte tells the hobbits to take a break, and lets Frodo down. The hobbits unsnap their knapsacks and Charlotte sits down a log. Strider looks back at them. “We do not stop until nightfall.” Says Strider. Pippin who was out of breath looks up at him. “What about breakfast?” he asks. Charlotte grins. Strider frowns. “You’ve already had it.” He says. Pippin rolls his eyes. “We’ve had one, yes… but what about second breakfast?” he asks. Strider stares at him blankly before turning away, shaking his head. Pippin looks at Merry. “I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.” Says Merry. Pippin looks at him surprised. “What about Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper ...he knows about them, doesn't he?” asks Pippin. Charlotte stands back up. “I wouldn’t count on it.” Says Merry and without warning an apple is thrown to Merry who catches it, another apple goes flying at Pippin. Charlotte catches it before it hit him. Pippin looks up at her. She hands it to him. “Thanks, Charlie.” Says Pippin before taking a bite out of it. Charlotte looks at Frodo. “You okay?” she asks him. Frodo nods giving her a warm smile before they keep on moving.

Charlotte catches up to Strider. They walk in silence for a while before he breaks it. “You must have a reason to walk with me.” He says looking at her. “Their tired. I’m tired.” She says. He raises up an eyebrow. “We’ll rest once nightfall comes around.” He walks ahead. Charlotte groans. Pippin tugs on her shirt. “How much farther, Charlie?” he asks her. She looks down at him. “Not much farther, Pippin.” She says. Pippin exhales. “I’m tires and my feet hurt.” He says. Charlotte smiles. “Why don’t I carry you, Pip? It won’t be that much farther. I promise you.” She says. Pippin nods. Charlotte crouches down letting him get on her back as Frodo did; she stands up before continuing the walk.

As nightfall starts to come, Charlotte was carrying Merry now. It was raining, muddy and she was tired. They stop overlooking a distant hill, topped with an ancient ruin. “This was once the great Watchtower of Amon Sul. We shall rest here tonight.” He tells them. Charlotte lets out a breath of relief. “Thank you.” Strider shakes his head as they walk towards it.

Climbing up the watchtower was exhausting. Once they reach a small hollow, halfway up Weathertop, Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam collapse. Muddy, tired and exhausted. Charlotte leans up sits on the steps. Strider drops four swords at the Hobbits feet. There are for you. Keep them close. I'm going to have a look around. Stay here.” He says walking over to Charlotte. “You know how to use a sword?” he asks. She chuckles. “Had one lesson before. Not really good at it. Good at hand to hand combat. 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo.” She says getting a strange looks from Strider. “Stay here and use the sword if you have to.” He says. She sighs. “We’re going to have to.” She tells him softly. He looks back at the Hobbit. “Stay with them.” He says before walking up the steps and disappearing from their view. Charlotte looks at the Hobbits who were getting ready to cook. She looks over at Frodo who was drifting off to sleep. She smiles to herself. This was going to be one hell of a night.

Charlotte found herself falling asleep many times that night, but to be awaken by Frodo’s shouts. “Put it out, you fools! Put it out!” Charlotte opens her eyes to see Frodo kicking dirt onto the fire that Merry, Pippin, and Sam had going. “Oh, that's nice. Ash on my tomatoes!” complains Pippin. A sudden shriek stops them. Charlotte gets up and walks over to the edge of the small hollow. She sees five Nazgul on foot running up the steep slope, to fast for her liking. She turns back to the hobbits. “Go!” she orders them, and they all run desperately to the summit, the hobbits clutching their swords. Terrified. They finally reach the ring of broken stones on the summit of weathertop.

The hobbits stand back-to-back in the centre, Charlotte motions Frodo to stand behind her as they wait for the first assault. One by one, the five Nazgul appear, brandishing their swords. They move slowly towards the group. Charlotte catches the eye, or well attention of the Witch King. “Back you, devils!” yells Sam rushing forward swinging his sword at the Witch King. “Sam no!” screams Charlotte but too late. The Witch King blocks Sam’s blow with his own sword and Charlotte watches in horror as Sam’s sword shatter. Before her very own eyes, Sam was sent flying by the Witch King’s fist. Merry and Pippin, terrified, throw themselves down onto the ground. Charlotte lashes out at the Witch King, he blocks her attack as he did Sam’s shattering her own sword but this time Charlotte blocks the Witch King’s fist, bringing her knee up between his groin area unsure if it would affect it. To her not so surprise, it did not. “You wish to die, woman?” she heard the venomous whisper in her mind. Charlotte backs away unsure of what to do. The Witch King grabs her by the throat holding her up in the air. Charlotte’s eyes widen as the Witch King gets out its Morgul Blade. “Mr. Frodo!” she hears Sam yell.

All of a sudden, Strider comes at the four Nazgul that were surrounding Frodo. The Witch King looks back before looking back at Charlotte. “I’m not done with you, yet!” He cuts into Charlotte’s side with the blade. She lets out a scream. The Witch King watches in satisfaction before throwing her away like a rag doll. She tumbles down to the ground, pain searing through out her body. Charlotte watches Frodo sink to the ground. “No.” she cries. Once the Nazgul disappear out of their sight, Strider kneels down in front of Frodo. Charlotte stands up, holding her left side, wincing in pain. She walks over to Strider and the Hobbits.

Strider snatches up one of the Nazgul’s blades. “Help him, Strider!” yells Sam. Frodo groans in pain. “He can’t, Sam. That’s a Morgul Blade.” Says Charlotte tears cascading down her face as she lets the pain take over her body. Strider stands up helping her balance. “Can you walk?” he asks. Charlotte nods. Strider kneels back down to Frodo. “Do something.” Pleads Sam. Strider lifts Frodo over his shoulders. “This is beyond my skill to heal. They both need elvish medicine. Come. Quickly.” Says Strider. “Merry, Pippin help Charlotte.” They began their journey down Weathertop.

Strider enters the forest, carrying an ailing Frodo on his back. Sam, Merry, and Pippin are running to keep up. Charlotte leans against a tree. “Strider, wait.” She calls out. Strider spins around looking at her. She closes her eyes before walking towards them. “Athelas will help slow down the poisoning.” She tells him. Strider scans their surroundings. “Sam.” He calls out. Sam walks over to him. “Do you know the Athelas plant?” Sam stares at him blankly. Charlotte looks at Frodo in Strider’s arms. “He’s falling into the shadows.” She mumbles. “Kingsfoil. You know it, Sam?” Sam looks at her. “Aye. Kingsfoil. It’s a weed.” Answers Sam. Charlotte nods. “It may help the poisoning. Please hurry!” Sam runs off looking for the weed. Strider puts Frodo down. “Are you okay?” he asks her. Charlotte gives him a weak smile. “I’ll live. Go.” Strider disappears into the darkness. Pippin looks at Charlotte. “Are you and Frodo dying, Charlie?” Charlotte looks at him. “No. Soon we will become one of the wraiths.” Pippin and Merry look at each other. “It won’t happen though.” She says gripping her side. “How do you know?” asks Merry.

Charlotte chuckles. “Frodo and I are putting up a fight. You really thing we are going to give in that easily?” she asks. Merry sits down next to her. “You don’t seem to be in as much pain as Frodo.” Says Pippin causing Merry to glare at him. Charlotte looks up at Pippin. “He’s falling faster, I have to give him that. I don’t know why it’s affecting him more than it is affecting me. Maybe because I am not of this world.” She says. She gasps shutting her eyes tight and the last thing she remembers is Pippin and Merry calling out her name.
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