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Heart Attack In a Black Hair Dye

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(ONE-SHOT. FRERARD.) Gerard and Frank keep moaning over each other until Gerard finally loses control and does something to express his feelings... R&R PLEASEE

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A/N: One Shot Frerard. I wrote about Chicago because i live there and can't wait for the concert! :] i excpect this to happen while they arn't on stage. xD R&R pwwease :3 and if i wrote anything mean about Chicago, who the fuck cares? I LIVE THERE MOTHERFUCKERS! XD


It was April 15th, and we were touring as usual. Same old same old, not such a big deal. We were heading for Chicago and going to play at the Aragon Ballroom with another band called 'Neon Trees'.
I ran to a mirror on the wall of the bus.
I sighed and smiled to myself as i looked in the mirror. "Im Frank Anthony Iero!" I said proudly.
I heard someone enter the room and laugh at me. "And I'm Gerard The-Sassy-Motherfucking-Arthur Way!" He giggled.
I smiled at Gerard. He always interupted my before-show prep-rallies to make myself feel better.
He made them WAY better.
"So Frankles whatcha doin now?" he asked slightly curious as i grabbed something out of my bag.
I held up a bottle of hair gel and smiled at him. "Does that explain it?" I giggled and began smearing the substance all over my hair.
He shook his head and said, "Frankie i'm so confused!"
I rolled my eyes at him and he stuck his tounge out at me.
Just to annoy him, i replied, "Well this is hair gel! You place it in your hair and it helps you style it! Gerard i use it everyday!"
He laughed at me and smiled real big. Gota love sarcasm.
I turned my head away from him.
I heard him mumble something and then he blushed slightly.
"What is it hot shot?" I asked smileing.
His face turned a magenta pink and he replied, "Errmm... nothing Frankers" Then looked down to the floor with a small smile.
I shrugged. "We should probably get ready to go on-stage," I smiled at him.
He nodded and we bolth made our approach to a dressing room entitled, "My Chemical Romance Only!"
I loved that sign... but i wished it had said, "Gerard and Frank Only" instead.
Gerard turned the doorknob and barged through the room.
Mikey and Ray were already in their band clothes.
Mikey always wore a tiger kind of shirt, but with cheatah colors instead of tiger ones.
Ray wore one of his favorite tee-shirt with a leather jacket slicked over him. Plus ya cant forget that fluffy fro of his.
Gerard used to wear a baggy black mussle shirt, until some fangirl stole it. Then he switched to a black designer shirt. I think he lost that. Now Gerard wore a black and yellow sports shirt with a small red 05 implanted on his chest and red Xs on each shoulder.
Gerards sence of style really turned me on... thats why i would usually attack him on-stage in a joking kiss or start nibbling on his neck.
Gerard thought what we did on-stage was a joke, but i actually ment every little small bit of the kissing and touching with love.
Gerard didnt know i loved him, and i didnt need him to know. To tempting.
Gerard snapped his fingers in my face.
"Hey Mr.Iero! Wake up or go the fuck back to sleep!"
His sassiness made me instantly realize that i was checking all the guys out, and they were already in their band clothes.
"Errm.. Shit... Sorry Gee." I said embaressed and slipped on my necklace with the lock as the center.
He slapped the air upwards and made a funny smileing puppy face.
"Just hurry man." He giggled and the rest of them went to get their instruments.
I sighed and watched Gerard walk away with that wonderful ass of his swaying back and forth.
I wanted that ass to mine!
I slipped on my band clothes and ran to get my guitar.
I appeared next to the guys and we were fucking ready to rock out to the crowd!
Gerard ran on stage first, and a bunch of roars and screams were heard out in from the crowd.
Mikey ran out next and pointed his finger in the air like he was pointing at something important.
The crowd copied him, which made me laugh.
Ray nodded at me and whipped his hair back and forth as he entered the stage. It was like that song by that kid Willow Smith.
"I Whip My Hair Back And Forth!" i heard myself say and laugh.
I then jumped on-stage and slid on my knees to my assigned spot on stage. Fuck yeah, the crowd roared the most for me.
Then 'Look Alive Sunshine' was played and some guy in the audience dressed as Show Pony started a mosh pit.
Gerard looked at me and winked.
That was a signal that it was time for kissy kissy time. I smiled and ran to his side of the stage as he stared sing 'NA NA NA' as loud as humanly possible.
When he was in the part for, 'KISS ME YOU ANIMAL!' I said into his microphone a little too loud, "Oh i will and you know it." and the entire crowd roared.
I then pressed my lips against his cheek and i heard a bunch of fangirls scream and all the fanboys say, "Dawwww!"
When i pulled away from the kiss, Gerards cheek followed my lips and he almost tripped over, like he didnt want it to come to an end.
Gerard blushed at me and giggled.
The next song came on, and it was, "Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back."
Gerards eyes glistened with tears as he sung the lyrics. He always cried while singing this song.
Soon enough, a line that Gerard had never put emotion into appeared.
But... he looked at me and put alot of emphasis on the line.
"I'm the only friend that makes you cry-e-eye, your a heart attack in a black hair die-h-eye!"
Gerards eyes glistened with hope as he looked at me and sang.
It was almost as if that line was written for ME.
Then he said in a more gental voice, "So just save yourself... and I'll hold... them back... Tonight..." he said with care while looking into my soul.
I froze.
"HELLO CHICAGO!" He yelled out smileing really big.
The crowd went crazy after those two little words.
"We are, by far, the most best, band, EVER!" He yelled out. "Now everybody, i want you to fucking clap your hands to this next song until your hands turn into a quivering pulp of flesh! You got that?!" He yelled and the crowd turned into a zoo at that moment.
Gerard came over to me and i could of sworn he whispered, "Frankie come over to me after the show. I have to show you something," Then he kissed me smack on the lips and the crowd made noise again. Wow Chicago was noisey.
After preforming at least... i think about 15 or 16 songs, Gerard huffed into the mic now completely exausted, "WE'RE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE GOOD NIGHT!" and then we all ran off stage.
I looked around for Gerard.
I saw his red blazing hair outside the theater in a small alley.
I walked over to him smileing.
"Hey Gee whats up? You told me something abou-"
Gerard shoved me into a wall, holding me by the shoulders.
"Frank, listen to me." He said, his eyes full of fear and tears.
I nodded, kind of scared.
"Frank..." He started, but didnt finish.
Gerard shoved his lips into mine.
I kind of paniked when our lips had contact, but soon sunk into the kiss.
Gerard bit my lip ring and played with it with his teeth.
He then licked my lips, like he was asking for permission to enter my mouth.
I slowly allowed, and his tounge explored my mouth, almost choking me by going down my throat.
He pulled away. I was kind of shocked and yet curious to go farther.
"Be right back." he winked and kissed me on the cheek.
My Expression= O.O
Gerard ran back with a bottle of clear lube and smiled evily at me.
"Gerard... what are you gona do with that...?" I asked curiously.
He pushed me down to the ground and said, "Lets Fuck Frankie" then he fell on top of me and grinned evily.


I could feel my jeans getting tighter as i enhailed the sweet smell that was Frank Iero.
Franks face looked at me quite surprised when i said, "Lets Fuck Frankie."
Frank giggled and did the same smile as me. I could tell he wanted me more than i wanted him.
I started to grind against him, feeling sparks go throughout my body.
Frank tounge-kissed me, and sure enough, i smiled into the kiss.
Frank and i were as hard as fuck. We bolth moaned out in pain and smiled to each other.
I moved slightly away from him, and started unbuttoning his jeans. He looked so fucking impatiant.
"Patience Frankie" I slid his jeans off and he quickly squirmed out of his boxers.
I looked at his dick, and smiled. He moaned and yelled, "Do it Gerard!"
I took him into my mouth and sucked the head of his cock. He moaned in pleasure.
I then took his entire dick into my mouth, sucking down hard. "Oh Gee!" he yelled in pleasure.
Frank put his hands over hy head forcing me to go deeper.
I was sufficating and gasping for air. I almost pulled away, until he shouted, "Gerard Fucking Way Fuck me as hard as you possibally can!" and that motivated me to go even farther.
I started playing around with his dick with my tounge. "Oh..Gee...Agh Fuck..." he moaned.
I felt Frank tense up and moan even louder than i thought could be possible.
"Gerard... I think.... fuck.. agh... im gona...fuck...cum!" he moaned and groaned.
Then i felt a hot substance fill my mouth. My mouth was overflowing with Franks cum.
I got up from sucking and Frank looked at my face. "Eww" he giggled.
I had Franks cum all over the corners of my lips. I licked it off slowly and slutty, hoping to make the young man turned on. "Tastey" I purred and smiled suductivly.
My jeans were still tight, and i couldnt take it anymore. I threw them off and smiled at Frank.
Frank evily smiled and said, "Gee, Get on your knees. I have to show you something." As he rubbed lube on his hands and started stroking himself.
I obeyed, and got on my knees.
Frank then put one of his hands in my underwear, and ripped them right off. How the Fuck did he do that?
Then he charged straight for me, injecting his dick into my prostate. I moaned and enjoyed the feeling.
It was my turn to get fucked.
He continued thrusting into me, as i moaned. "Gah Fuck Right There!" I heard myself yell to Frankie. He had found my weak spot.
Frank giggled and shoved into it harder. I felt myself getting closer...closer.... until,
"AGH FUCK!" I yelled as i cummed everywhere.
Frank smiled proudly. Wow he looked like a kid in a fucking candy shop to how happy and proud he was.
"Gerard... I love you... Im sorry i never got it out." Frank smiled to me. My heart melted. "I love you too Frankie." I blushed. I then pulled out my necklace, and showed it to him. My necklace had a key on it, while Franks had a lock. We matched, and this was our little secret.
"Frank! Gerard! Where are you guys?!" We heard yelling from inside the building.
Frank and i sighed, put our clothes back on, and headed into the building.
"What were you guys doing out there?" Mikey asked us.
"The usual" Frank giggled.
"Yeah" i said glaring at Frank. "We were just smoking and talking to each other".

And thats when Frank and I became.... FUCK BUDDIES! Never forget this wonderful day, when me and my best friend became more than one...

A/N: That was first sex scene i ever put in a story, so if it sucks please dont be hateing. XD Please R&R and tell me if you thought this was smutty... or whatever. XD I HOPE THIS HAPPENES AT THE CONCERT! O.O :3
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