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Chapter 13 (The Flight Back)

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Brynn ran with Brent and Roz down the sidewalk pulling on her heavy dress the whole way.

"What time is it, Roz?" She asked taking deep breaths.



"We couldn't find you alright," Roz said still trudging along. "I didn't know you'd be outside with Brendon."

Brynn blushed a little and looked away.

"C'mon, you two," Brent said urging them along.

Brynn snapped back and picked up the pace a little. The three of them ran down the dark street only being illuminated once in a while by a streetlight. You wouldn't have seen them if you weren't looking. They reached Brynn's house with two minutes to spare.

"Okay, how do I get back up?" Bryn asked gasping for breath.

The three of them stood outside the window looking around. "I don't know," Brent said. "I didn't bring a ladder."

Brynn huffed and looked around hoping to find anything. Instead she caught a glance of Zoe in the window.

"Shit," she said dropping to the ground. Roz and Brent fell down beside her.

"What is it?" Roz hissed.

"It's Zoe, she's going to my room...NOW!"

Roz looked up into the window.

"You guys have to do something," Brynn said.


"I don't know, distract her, cause a commotion, burn the house down, anything."

"You guys would do better with this."

The three crouching teens looked behind them and saw Spencer and Ryan holding a ladder.

"Gosh guys, you're a lifesaver," Roz said getting up off the ground.

Brent and Brynn followed but Brynn was still worried. "We still have a problem guys, Zoe is on her way up to my room, I can't climb in with her in there."

"No problem," Ryan said handing the ladder to Brent. "I'll take care of it."

"Ryan...," Roz started.

"Go guys, I got this."

Roz sighed but Brynn wasted no time. She helped Spencer and Brent put the ladder up and she started to climb up. She was about half way up when she heard the doorbell ringing.

"What is he doing?" Brynn whispered back staring at Brent, Spencer, and Roz below her.

"Never mind him, go!" Roz urged on.

Brynn obeyed and climbed the rest of the way up just as she heard the front door opening.

"Good evening ma'am," Brynn heard Ryan's voice boom out. "I was just wondering if you would be interesting in a year's subscription to Bubbles Barn magazine?"

Brynn held back a fit of laughter as she fell into her window.

"Young man it is midnight!" Brynn heard Zoe roar. "GO HOME!" There was a violent shake as the door downstairs was slammed. Brynn knew Zoe was on her way up now and they didn't have much time. She skidded back to the window and looked down.

"Get this ladder out of here guys," she whispered. The guys nodded and started to remove the ladder. Brynn quickly ran to the mirror. She pulled out bobby pins and hair ties as quickly as she could. She ruffled her hair before jumping onto the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She barely had time to shut her eyes as she heard her bedroom door open. Brynn tried to steady her breathing as she hoped against hoped Zoe would just do a quick check and leave. It seemed like hours to lay there perfectly still listening for Zoe's exit. She felt beads of sweat start to form on her face. The combination of the covers and this heavy dress were baking her. Finally she heard the door closing and the retreating of steps. Brynn sighed and pulled off the covers being relieved of the heat burning inside of her. She laid there a minute trying to recollect exactly what had happen tonight. Had she really snuck out? Had she really almost kissed Brendon? And had she really just missed being caught? Nothing could go wrong for her tonight.

Brynn got up to change out of the dress when she noticed something missing from her wrist. "Oh no, where's my bracelet?"
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