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This ain't a party.

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Bob is guilty and Shockers is evil...

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Author's POV.

The girl's eyes glittered artificially and Bob cringed. He was responsible for rebuilding this...this...thing. She stood stiffly, back straight and shoulders pressed back; milatary style. Korse grinned like a starving cat that had cornered a most unfortunate mouse.
"What is your name?" He asked. The girl's brow furrowed, yellow eyes flashing as she mulled the question over.
"Name?" She repeated, her voice a depressing monotone."I have no name, Master." Korse grinned manically at Bob, causing him to flinch involentairily.
"Excellent work, Doctor Bryar. I shall have your drumkit arrive tomorrow, then you can play to your heart's content."
Bob forced a smile and nodded his head despite the fact that he no longer wanted his reward, he had, afterall, mutilated a young female to get it. For all he cared, that drumkit could go burn in Hell.

Suddenly there was an urgent bleeping that wailed loudly across the room and a Drac came running in, his mask lopsided and he panted heavily.
"Master...Check...Camera...Three...Urgent...Two...Wanted...Kill...Joys..." he gasped between sharp intakes of air. Korse shot over to his laptop swiftly, laughing in a way that would haunt Bob for years to come.
"Well, well, well...if it isn't Party Poison and Fun Ghoul! Come girl, I have target practice for you."
The girl nodded swiftly,
"Shock point nought one lives for nothing more than your orders Master." And with that she strode off outside, gears whirring softly. Korse turned to Bob.
"You are dismissed now, Bob." He ordered before striding off after her.

Bob was left alone and the guilt began to set in, pressing on his mind and eating at his stomach; he had just repaired a robot to condemn two men to death. In a desperate attempt to clear his guilt ridden concience, he rushed for the laptop. The two men were not five blocks away from here, he still had time to warn them...
If he ran.
Bob hadn't run in years and used to flunk physical education when he was younger, so as you can imagine, fitness wasn't a major skill in his agenda. But if he could stop this, then he would do anything to.

Even if that did include running.

Jet Star's POV.

Kobra and I crossed the park, guns raised and prepaired to fire lest any Dracs come our way.
"Kobra, do you think she's still alive?" I asked, not taking my eyes off the shadowy darkness of the shrubbery, weary of any attack.
"Jet, don't even think like that!" Kobra hissed, keeping his voice low, his finger itching on the trigger of his scarlet ray gun. "Now, keep focused, I don't fancy gettin' shot anytime soon."
"Okay, okay, I'm watching, I'm watching..."

There heavy, quick footfalls on the path we were now stood on and Kobra and I were suddenly pushed aside, landing on our asses on the grass which was slightly damp from a recent rainfall.
"What the fuck?!" Kobra exclaimed as he hit the floor, dropping his gun and his arms and legs akimbo as he lay out flat on the grass beside me.
A blonde blur streaked off down the path, the dude running like a looney,
"Sorry!" he cried over his shoulder as he shot off round the corner. I scrabbled to my feet and sprinted off after him, "Hey, wait up!!" I shouted, bounding along the pavement.

"Jet! What the fuck are you doing?! Come back!"

I ignored him and continued in hot pursuit of the blonde haired man, Kobra sighing in defeat before following.

Just who was this blonde haired man?

Soory for such a short chapter but I'm feeling ill :( anyways I finish school tomorrow so I have the whole Easter holidays to update a load of stories R&R, the next chapter will be up tomorrow and will be a hell of a lot longer.
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