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Chapter 2

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Oh, Bob being well... Bob. XD

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Frank's POV

I stared into his eyes, still in his lap. What was I thinking? He's not creepy! Or scary for that matter! Not only do I get $50, but I got to kiss a god! Ah... life is good.

"So..." Gerard started. He got something out of his blood red bag, a sharpie. He grasped my hand gently and began to write. Wow, his hands were cold, and pale. But, I liked it.

He returned my hand as I began to examine it. It was his number! I wanted to get up and sing! Dance! Join a parade just so I could skip around town!

He noticed my happiness and said "I'll see you later, hm?".

"Y-y-yeah. Yeah, you will." I said, smiling like a fool. He lifted me off of his lap and sat me on my feet as he got up.

"Bye Frankie." he whispered seductively in my ear. That sent chills down my spine. He kissed my neck and walked away from the school.

I watched him until he was out of sight.

"Frank!" Bob got me out of my trance.

"Yes Bobbert?" I said, trying not to sound to much like a love struck teenage girl. WAIT! LOVE STRUCK?! No, no no no no NO! I am not in love! Am I? No.

"You seem happy." he observed. "Did you cheat? I was talking to Ray while you were doing the dare thing."

"No, I definitely didn't cheat." I said, trying not to smile.

"Um, I don't believe you." he stated after a moment to think. "You don't get paid, or credit, unless I see it." Bob added

Bob's POV

He looked like he was the happiest person in the world. Well let me tell you something! I'm not being cheated out of 50 bucks!

"You must bring him to your house. I will be there of course, and you will have to... fuck em'. Or have him fuck you. However the day goes I guess." I smiled. Ingenious! Fool(Frank)proof! I had a brilliant idea though. Oh yes. Even if he did (unlikely) do it, I am going to record it! Yeah, I have been waiting to black mail him for a while.

We are so close, he always pranks me or holds something over my head. Well NOT this time Iero!
Ha! You've got another thing coming!

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