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The Dream

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Julia, 12, and Rachael, 17, are taken by Gerard Way. Who knows why?

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One-shot, unless pressured to continue. Based on a dream of mine.

I glanced at my sister, Julia, to my left in the old white Toyota Avalon, playing Sudoku on her phone as if nothing was happening. A police car and a Buick Rendezvous passed the car I was in, right outside Julia's window. I turned away from Julia, looking at the driver of the car. Gerard Way had his sunglasses on, short black hair swaying slightly in the A/C's breeze.

I turned away from Gerard and looked at the black leather seat in front of me, my arms wrapping around my torso. I shivered in the A/C, freezing. I got the idea in my head to tell somebody what's happened to Julia and I, so I pulled out my phone from my jean's pocket. I started a new text message to my mom, telling her to get the police and look for the white Avalon, one that looks like my late grandmother's. I pressed send as the car hit a bump, speeding, making my phone fly out of my hands to the area beneath the seat in front of me. My eyes widened in fear and despair as I saw the battery pack pop out of my phone and disappear out of my sight. I looked back at Julia, who was still on her phone, though now looking around outside and in the car. I sighed and hung my head, wondering what Gerard was going to do to Julia and I.

The Avalon took a turn, followed by a series of small turns. I put an arm on the window rest and looked out the window, gawping at the huge houses and even bigger lots. I half smiled at the sight of homes. Well, I thought to myself, if Julia or I escape from Gerard, we could go to one of these houses.

The houses stopped, giving way to a fairly dense forest. I felt my hope dwindle as Gerard drove my sister and I deeper in the forest. He took another normal turn, a left turn, and I looked out the front windshield. A country style house crept up to the car, and Gerard drove to the side of the house, where an open garage was waiting. Gerard pulled the car in the garage and shut the car off, pressing a button to shut the door of the garage. "Welcome home, girls," he said, sounding sincere.

I looked at my sister as we got out of the car. She looked confused and scared, finally getting that something wasn't right with the picture she and I were in. I blinked back tears and turned away from her, knowing this will be the hardest for her.

The three of us walked into the house, Gerard behind me, me behind Julia. Gerard smacked my butt hard, making me yelp and jump.
"I'll have my fun with you later, Rachael," he whispered into my ear, giving my butt a squeeze. He released my butt and walked over to Julia, putting his hand on her shoulder. “I need to chat with you, Julia,” he said, chilling me to my bones. No doubt here he scared the ever-living out of Julia.

Julia looked at me, scared. “Gerard, can I tell my sister something?” I asked, mustering as much bravery as I could from the recesses of my shaking body.

Gerard nodded, smiling. “Whatever you want, Rachael. Make it quick, though. I need to discuss something with Julia in private.”

I gulped and nodded, waving a scared Julia over to me. I pretended to whisper something to her until Gerard left the room. "Julia," I whispered in her ear, pulling her in a hug. "Whatever he does to you, remember this. Right now, the police and our parents are hunting us down, not resting until we’re found. He'll get bad, very bad, but I want you to take it as best you can." I felt tears spring to my eyes as I said this, feeling Julia shake in my arms. "And remember, Julia, I will always love you."

Julia began to cry at this last part, and Gerard walked into the room, drying his hands on a towel. "Aw, how sweet!" he said, me narrowing my eyes angrily at the ground. He put his hands on Julia’s shoulders, Julia looking up at me, very scared. “Come now, Julia, I need to talk to you.”

Julia nodded, still looking at me, scared out of her wits for her life. I bit my lip and gave her one last squeeze. “Be strong, Julia,” I whispered, Gerard taking Julia from my arms.

“You are free to explore the house, Rachael,” Gerard said, leading Julia into a room with a large bed. “Everything’s unlocked in the house, and you’ll have time to see every nook and cranny in the house.”

I bit my lip and nodded, seeing Julia’s eyes grow wide and she opened her mouth, not believing what she just heard. She started screaming as I turned away from Gerard shutting the bedroom door, tears blurring my vision.

I explored every room in the house, twice, while Julia’s screamed echoed through the house. After wandering aimlessly for a while I sat down on the floor in a room that looked like a library and cried. My whole body shook in sobs as I heard Julia’s wailing, still piercing my ears on the other side of the quaint, spread out house.

Julia’s screams stopped, and I jumped up, running out of the library room back to the area by Gerard’s bedroom, as I’m judging it to be. Gerard came out of the room, Julia following, eyes wide and red. I ran up to Julia and gave her a big hug, noticing the lashes on her bare arms. I looked up at Gerard, pleading with my eyes at him to tell me what happened.

Gerard shrugged, Julia standing in my arms. “She struggled,” Gerard said, making Julia shake and let a few tears escape her raw eyes. “Rachael, please by a dear and take her to the farthest bedroom you’ve seen in the house,” he said, walking back into the bedroom.

I nodded, even though Gerard couldn’t see me. It was dark outside now, and I turned on lights as I coaxed Julia to walk with me to the back of the house. I took her to a room with a four-poster bed, covered in a floral comforter with matching sheets. I sat Julia on the bed, laying her head on a plush pillow and covering her with the sheet and comforter. Julia wouldn’t close her eyes though. She just continued to let the tears run.

“Julia,” I said, tears in my eyes, “what happened?”

Julia turned towards mr and blinked. “He has salt, Rachael… It hurt so much…” Julia started crying and curled into a tight ball in my lap.

“Julia…” I whispered, patting her hair down. “Don’t worry, it’s over for now”

“Rachael,” Gerard called, and Julia looked at me with wide eyes. I kissed her forehead and tucked her in bed, silently crying.

“Good luck, Rach,” Julia whispered as I stood up, she grabbing my hand and giving it a small squeeze. I took my hand from hers and walked out of the room Julia was in, shutting the door with a soft click and walking to Gerard on the other side of the house, head held high.

“Ah, there you are, Rachael,” Gerard said, taking my hand and leading me to the dreaded bedroom. “I have something I need you to try on.”

I nodded, head still high. Gerard opened the bedroom door to his bedroom, which smelled like clean linen and had the lights on. The bed had a clean white duvet laying neatly on it, with four pillows stacked at the head board of the wooden bed.

Gerard walked into a small room in the bedroom, a closet I think, returning with a blue, oversized long-sleeved shirt. “Try it on. I wanter it to be a dress for a friend of mine, but I didn’t know if it would be long enough on her.”

I nodded, gritting my teeth. I removed my shirt, thanking god that this shirt was a shirt in need of a bra. I took off my pants, though, berating myself for choosing a thong over a pair of briefs. Well, I hadn’t exactly planned to be kidnapped and raped with my sister, Rachael, I told myself, putting the shirt Gerard gave me on. The wrists were way too small, and my butt was barely covered by the hem of the shirt, but I already knew better than to complain. I sighed, beginning to fold up my clothes that I just removed.

Gerard walked into the room, smiling lazily as he looked over my body like a piece of meat. I resisted the urge to cover myself up with my hands as Gerard said, “Perfect,” coming towards me.

I sat up in bed, hitting my head on the bunk bed’s bottom I was forced to share with my sister while we were staying with my grandmother’s house. She ended up with the top, and I have no idea how that happened, but I got stuck with the bottom, where I couldn’t even sit up normal. I felt my eyes widen as I saw what shirt I was wearing.
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