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They Dont Know Me

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Harry prepares to leave for the final battle.H/Hr Really short and my first ever fanfic. please read and review!!!!!

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A young man of sixteen was sitting by the fire in the common room any who passed stayed away from him they were scared of all they had heard and the newspaper articles of the summer before his fifth year was still fresh in their minds. He was looking at a photograph but was holding it so no one else could see
He gave a loud sigh when he was finally alone both Ron and Hermione had gone to bed leaving him to mope on his own, they didn't know this might be the last time they saw him. he still hadn't told them about the prophecy, he couldn't bare to see the look on their faces if he did especially 'Mione ( which he had started to call her in his mind). He was told by Dumbledore that tonight would be the night he would avenge his parents, Cedric and Sirius. Tonight would be the night it would all end, either he or Voldemort would die.
tears came to his eyes as he thought about what would happen if he died all the things he would never experience, he would never get married, never have anyone call him dad, never have grandchildren and the family he craved, he would never experience the feeling of having someone love him. He couldn't stop the tears as he thought about all this.
At that moment in time he decided to write a letter to the person he loved more then anything, the person he would miss most if he died.

'Mione, ( I hope you don't mind me calling you that )
They don't know me, they don't know who I am. They have no power over me. They cant hold anything over me because the simple fact is they don't know me. They think they know what's going on in my head but they can't know, because I don't know myself. Everywhere I go people tell me what to do, tell me lies, keep things from me things I should know. They think they know what's best for me but they know because they don't know me.
Only one person knows, she knows who I really am, my fears, my nightmares, my dreams my wishes. She's the one who keeps me alive, not physically, but mentally. She know what's going on inside my head even when I don't know, I never lie to her, no scratch that I can't lie to her. She tells me everything I should know and many things I shouldn't, things I don't want to hear and things I do. She's my best friend and I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her .
Your probably wondering why I'm telling you this 'mione but I reckon you deserve to know since I'm talking about you. Yes you, you are my soul mate the only one I can even imagine being with, its OK if you don't feel the same, hell I don't even know if I'm going to send this letter but know this that I love you. I love the way your hair the way the light make it glisten, the way you feel the need to study even though you've been told so many times you're the cleverest witch of your age, But most of all I love you for you knowing who I am. I hope that this letter hasn't ruined our friendship because that's the last thing I want, I love you so much.
I have to go tonight 'Mione, there's something I haven't told you i heard the prophecy and i have to go fulfil it. It states that I have to kill Voldemort or he kills me, I'm either the victim or the murderer. I'm going tonight 'mione i have to go to keep you safe that the only reason I'm doing this 'mione for you i don't care about anyone else in this world only you. So if i don't come back always remember this I LOVE YOU.
Love, Harry

He walked over to her bag which she had left and slipped the letter in her bag. He walked out carrying only his picture of Hermione and his wand, as he got to the portrait hole he whispered "I'll never forget you 'mione, I love you"

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