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Slash and Axl meet backstage before a concert. One-shot.

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It was about an hour before the concert was supposed to start. Slash was sitting in his dressing room, running his fingers over the neck of his guitar, warming up. He had just started to play the jangling intro of Paradise City when there was a knock at the door.

"It's not locked," he called. The door opened and Axl came in, in a flurry of red hair and clinking bracelets. He shut the door behind him and locked it, and Slash had just enough time to put aside his Les Paul and stand up before Axl dove into his arms. For a while the only sound in the room was that of their teeth scraping as they hungrily kissed; then Axl drew away and murmured, "Hey."

Slash smiled, observing the reddened, bruised state of his lover's mouth; the beautiful sweep of soft copper hair over darkened green eyes. "Hey, sweetheart," he replied quietly, and Axl blushed a tiny bit.

"I told Renee I was going to a supper with the record guys," said Slash. "She wanted to come, and I had to tell her it was top secret business. I can't wait until she's gone."

Axl chuckled. "Erin thinks I stormed out pissed off at her--well, technically, I did, but it's not for the reason she thinks." He pressed his lips against the soft curve of Slash's shoulder, at the place where his skin was dark as maple syrup and just as sweet. "D'you know I'm thinking about divorcing her?"

The thought of having Axl all to himself was almost too much. Slash smiled against the side of his singer's neck and said, "I would love that."

Axl lifted Slash's shirt over his head and kissed his way down the guitarist's chest and stomach. "You oughta get a nipple ring," he murmured, "so we can match." He dipped his tongue into Slash's navel; unzipped his leather pants. He buried his nose in the dark pubes that sprang out, inhaling Slash's musky scent, and said softly, "Are you gonna split with Renee?"

Slash gently tugged on Axl's hair and made a soft noise of consent in the back of his throat. He'd been wanting to separate from his over-controlling girlfriend for a long time, but for some reason he couldn't. But for Axl, he'd do it. For Axl, he'd do anything.

The singer took the guitarist in his mouth, tracing his fingers over Slash's balls as he teased his cock with his tongue. Faint scraping of teeth over the sensitive underside made him cry softly, "Axe...!" and Axl increased his pace, grunting softly as Slash's calloused fingers rubbed his shoulders. When he lost himself in Axl's mouth, the rest of the world faded to nothing, blissful white fog clouding his vision as he thrust upward. They were quiet for as long as possible afterwards, clutching each other, holding tightly to the moment. Even if they did get rid of their women, it would be impossible to carry out their relationship publicly.

The door outside opened. Footsteps sounded in the hall; Izzy, Duff, and Matt shouted to each other.

Axl looked at Slash. Tears glistened in his eyes as he pulled away from his guitarist.

"See you onstage, Saul," he whispered, and then he walked out without looking back, giving Slash time to compose himself before he followed.
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