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The move

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I move to new jersery we ill be safe with the killjoys

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I left in the white van leaving everyone behind i had one day left in this horrid place and i didnt really want to be around anyone but him.
Gerard and frank told me all they could about the move to American and how they will protect me but really i was kinda glad to leave. We drove to what seemed ages but really was only a cuple of mintues, we pulled up into a car park everyone got out but me i just sat there waiting. Frank let his head in and said" you coming short fry ?" i smiled at his petty joke and jumped out.Frank was differnt to the others he felt like he actually wanted to help me, like he had been threw this. This was runing threw my head intill he said" so what happend between that girl Zoey is it?" i shirived and said ' she my best friend she going to be pissed that i moved " i shurrged " but i got one day left she can yell at me then" we were walking to this white door, all the other guys were all ready gone and it was just me and frank, he pointed to the door and said" threw there" i looked at him and he looked at me back he looked right into my eyes seeing my soul, i looked away befor he could see the full me. You gestured his left hand out and i went before him.I turned the handle slowing not knowing what was ehind the door, aparntly i was turning it to slow beacuse frank got pissed and grabbed my hand and turned it fast.

I took a step in and saw a white room with just a table, he sighed and said" party?" i said smile and said "the others? " he grined his cheeky grin adn said" they taking care of real stuff" he air qouted and i laughed.The night was long but i learned alot about Frank but i forgot it before moring came must of hit my head or something he told me. Apartnly i was dancing from then tripped and hit my head he explained to me that i told him that i dint care anymore beacuse nothing could worst so i was dancing then slipped and hit my head then passed out, such a douche i was.
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