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Chapter 2

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Where the hell did all the guys go..and where the f*** did all these bloody cats come from!!?

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The sound of the front door closing instantly brought Axl to consciousness. Rubbing his bright green eyes sleepily, he yawned and shifted himself into a sitting position. Looking to his right he noticed a distinct lack of curly black mane that had been there previously. Wonder where slash is.... Slowly the redheaded man stood up and padded sleepily towards his room, maybe Slash was in there.

He was almost there when suddenly he tripped and landed on top of something soft. "Uhhhhhrrgghh" The soft object moaned and shifted beneath him. "MUDDA FAHKA!" it moaned again, sounding different. At this point Axl noticed that he was in fact laying on top of Duff and Steven.....What the fuck where they doing on the floor he thought about this and concluded that he had no idea.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME MOTHER FUCKERS" Duff shrieked and shoved both Axl and Steven off and away from him. They didn't go very far, they basically landed right beside him, Axl's leg clipping him in the side on the way. Ouch.

The sounds of screeching and shouting woke Izzy up and curiosity caused him to investigate. His room was on the other side of the house and he was surprised that what he had heard had carried so far…..

Next thing he knew he was on the floor, Duff, Steven and Axl beneath him. There was a collective shout as the trio threw Izzy off them and into a nearby wall.

"WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!" Izzy groaned and rubbed at his now aching head. "What the fuck was that for!?"

"You wuz on top of us" Steven replied intelligently and the others nodded in agreement.

"Why the hell were you on the floor in the first place!!!!??" Izzy argued, looking bewildered

"Well you see..." Steven began...still on the floor , "...I don't actually know...Duff why are we on the floor?..."

"No clue, jus woke up here when dat wanker der landed on me >.> " he replied, pointing/glaring at Axl who was lying on his stomach, chin in his hands and quite clearly zoning out.

"I was looking for Slash, you were on the floor. Then I was on the floor. The Izzy was on the floor. Now we're all on the floor." Axl shrugged, his nails picking at the wooden floorboards below him, still not paying any attention.

"Woah! That sounds like a song" Steven exclaims…No one one moves..

No one felt like getting off the floor so on the floor they stayed.

Apart from the occasional ignored statement from Steven, there was silence and a collective zone out took place, in which:

:@ (Steven Burps)
:|~ (Duff Drools)
:< (And Izzy wallows in self pity)

Due to the fact that FicWad fucking sucks, I could only put up half of this chapter, i am so angry right now I could punch a baby >:@ I tried to post it over 24 times

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