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Could it be

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Are they closer than they both could of thought

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Shock. I wanted someone to find that, yes. What I didn't want was someone to approach me about it, to know all my secrets, to know everything about me. This pale boy knows everything and goes to the same prison of a school as me.
"you left this on the gate yesterday, I saw you writing in the tree by the pond and you abandoned it on the gate I felt sorry for the book and I picked it up, I didn't mean to read it, I...i just couldn't help it, I'm so sorry" the raven haired boy blabbers on at me, his voice laced With the sound of America, a new jersey accent? I look into his Hazel eyes that seem to glimmer with fear with sparks of blood and apoligies.
"it's fine, I left it there, it was gonna be read, I just hoped it wouldnt be by someone in the same school, the same life even" I try to make a smile but time doesn't let me, it's been so long since I've had a reason to smile, my face wouldn't let me without the look of sadness or evil showing to the people around me. Not that they care about this lonely American boy anyway.
"do you want this back by the way?" I look confused for a second before realising about my book that he is holding in his hands.
"um... No.. Er keep it, its full anyway" why do I trust this boy so much? I don't even know his name but yet he knows evey single secret about me every weakness and my biggest fears.
"I'm Wilfred by the way" I can't help but to burst out laughing. Happiness. That's what this boy gives me, maybe that's why I have trust in him. He actualy managed to make me happy, to make me laugh, something I haven't done in a long time.
"er.. I'm Frank. Great to meet you, um Wilfred? Seriously? Why haven't I seen you on the bus before?"
"haha no im gerard, whos called wilfred seriously? I moved from new jersey, my parents died a while back so I'm now living with my grandma here" I knew it! New jersey accent!
"no way! I'm from new jersey aswell" I look back into his eyes, they stare back at me glowing green, wait!? They were Hazel a second ago. This is just to weird. Maybe it's not just me.
I don't think this chapter is that good but it helps explain about gerard knowing who it belonged to
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