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B.L.U.E Part2

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Things heat up. A LOT.

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Blue Flare's POV

Later on through the film, which was some kind of terrible blood massacre, everyone had a chainsaw or something. I dove behind Fun Ghoul and started shaking I hated gore and stuff like that.
“Hey!” he shouted not fazed by the film at all.
“What? I hate these types of films! They scare me sooooo much!” I replied flicking popcorn at him.
He giggled, then a wave of pop corn hit me in the face!
“Prick! Its in my hair!” I grabbed a bag from the cupboard and tipped some over him, he was not pleased.
This went on for a while. He threw a whole bowl he scrapped up from the floor on to me, it was all in my top, hair and eyes. I could not see anything.
“This is for biting me!” he screamed before I was forced to the floor, I still couldn't see anything!
He was pushing me down, so I couldn't get up.
“At least let me wipe my eyes!” I requested, “Where's the fun in that, you will be able to see everything!” he retorted, his face was closer to mine now, I could feel it!
“Oh! Come on get off me! I just want to watch the end of this film,” before I could finish my whine he covered my mouth and laughed, “You don't even like horror films! So shut up and stop struggling!” He smirked “I could make it a lot worse for you, Blue.”He laughed and licked his lips seductively.
I sighed and stopped moving. Then he removed his hand, “What's going on with Party and Plummy?” he asked, great I had to talk about a future happy couple!
“I don't know, they are being retarded! Obviously they love each-other, but they wont do anything about it. So...that’s not likely to happen” I replied obviously not happy about the conversation change.
Then he wiped my eyes clean, “What do you mean, wont do anything about it?” he asked biting his lip.
“You know what I mean!” I tried to push him off but I secretly didn't want to.
Then he got off me and stood up, I followed his movement, I was staring in to his eyes. It felt like a while but was only a second. I practically melted on the spot. What was this I was feeling?! It felt...Mushy....and all weird. I didn’t like it. Not one bit. But....I couldn’t stop feeling it! It sent a surge of something through me...and I suddenly felt like a new person....different.

I stood up and blushed, going a deep shade of scarlet. Ghoul laughed and took my hand as I stood up. “Whats got into you all of a sudden?” He asked, curious to my behavioural changes. I looked away as I pulled my hand quickly from his. He looked at me. “Blue...Whats up? I know when somethings up. I can read you like a book.” He smirked and pulled my face close to his, I could feel his breath against my face. I flushed a deep scarlet. Fun Ghoul grabbed my wrists and had me held captive. I felt like a Deer caught in headlights, Scared, yet oblivious to anything else happening. The next thing I know, Ghouls holding me against the wall, kissing me passionately. I kinda enjoy it...So I kiss him back, Oh, what a wonderful feeling this is. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pull my lips back into a smile. I ...think I just discovered what “Love” Feels like. If this is it...I never want it to end.

Ghouls POV:
I pulled away from Blue and licked my lips. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom...I knew we were only 14 and 15, but who actually cares? Its love. “Blue...Do you want to do this?” I looked deep into her hazel eyes as she nodded. I smirked and placed her down on the bed, slowly slipping her hoodie off of her and kissing up her neck. I was undressing her, little by little, just as she was to me. I could see the blush on her cheeks appear.I held her close and smiled...until we heard a click in the door “Y’know...Its good to be home....I like my home..” I heard Plummys voice trill through the air. FUCK. I stopped dead and looked at Blue. Luckily, we had the covers over us...or they would have seen all...I mean...all....

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