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Two For Tragedy

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Gerard walks in on the worst moment of his entire life.

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Chapter Four: Two For Tragedy

Gerard pressed the blade against his skin again, applying pressure until he achieved penetration. He watched the blood pour over like liquid in an over filled cup. The pain stung, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. He thought of the guys in the band, how they would react to know he was cutting again. Perhaps the same way he had reacted when he realized Lindsey was using again. Lindsey had walked in on him, only to walk away cold and uncaring. Perhaps the guys would have the same reaction. Perhaps the world saw as he did, that he deserved to be punished.

He sliced into himself again.


2 weeks later.

"Give me my money, you little shit!"

Gerard ducked as another picture frame flew in his direction, smashing against the bedroom wall. He cowered in front of his fuming wife. It was the first time he was refusing to give her money, insisting he would do the errands himself. If the objects flying at his head were an indication of anything, she was highly displeased.

"Give it to me!", she shrieked, throwing their ceramic penguin at him. Gerard began to feel peeved.

"You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know what you'll use it for?", he scowled.

"I'm putting it to far better use than your ass!"

"Oh, you mean food? Yeah, real useless stuff Linds, I mean who the fuck needs to eat?"

"Such a fatass!" Lindsey taunted, "All you think of is yourself! What about my needs?!"


They both seemed startled at Gerard's little outburst. Lindsey glared and crossed her arms.

"Oh, so when it's MY needs, when it's MY happiness, it ruins our family, but when YOU wanna get fat on food or invest in your stupid comic books, then it's of importance! Well, you know what Gerard? Go get your food, get fat all over again, see if anyone'll give two shits about you afterwards. I sure won't."

Gerard stared at her for a while before pursing his lips and muttering "Fine.". He grabbed his jacket, walked out of the room and began to head down the stairs, when suddenly he felt two hands grab his shoulders roughly and shove him down the staircase. His head the steps repeatedly before he blacked out.


"So what exactly happened again?"

"He slipped on one of Bandit's toys and fell down the stairs, poor dear."

Gerard was barely coming to when he heard familiar voices conversing. One of them was unmistakably his wife, and the other sounded like... Mikey? What on earth was he doing here? Oh dear god, had he found out anything?

Gerard forced himself to sit up, his head was spinning. He wondered how long he'd been out. He peered out the window and saw it was dark outside. He got off the bed and wandered outside the room. Mikey and Lindsey were standing just outside the door. Lindsey looked annoyed.

"Mikey? What are you doing here?", Gerard interrupted them.

"Gee.", Mikey smiled, wrapping his arms around his brother. "I came ‘cause you worried me on the phone a few weeks back. They don't need me in the studio for another week anyway."

“Oh. Well you really didn’t have to Mikes.”, Gerard returned his brother’s hug and faked a smile, “I’m fine, really.”

“Well either way… I missed you.” Mikey grinned back.

“I missed you too bro.”

Lindsey put a hand on Gerard’s arm as though to remind them of her presence.

“How’re you feeling babe?”, she asked Gee, “You had quite a fall there.”

“Um…my head hurts a bit but other than that, I’m okay. Thanks.”, Gerard explained uneasily.

“Aw, I’m glad.”, Lindsey smiled. “How about I order us some pizza?”

“Oh…” Mikey interrupted, “Well if it’s okay with you Linds, I was kinda hoping to have some alone time with Gee. Thought he and I could go out to dinner and catch up and what not.”

“Oh, that’s fine!”, Lindsey nodded. “Here, babe.”

Lindsey pulled out a large wad of cash from her jeans pocket. She picked out a twenty dollar bill from it and handed it over to Gerard. He could have sworn he saw her smirk.

“Just to make sure you have enough, since you left all your cash with me.”

“Of course, darling.” Gerard tried to sound as snide as possible, without being obvious.

“Well, I got some stuff to take care of anyway. Have fun, boys!”, Lindsey planted a kiss on Gerard’s lips, “Love you, babe.”

“Love you too.”, he smiled at her as she walked away.


Mikey took Gerard to an Applebee’s a few blocks away. They chatted away over dinner and drinks. Mikey told Gerard how the other guys have been, how they had all been concerned at his strange phone call postponing his studio time. Gerard insisted things were never better, but Mikey couldn’t help but feel that he was lying. Having as close of a brotherly relationship as they did, Mikey could sense when something was wrong and vice versa. At the very least, Gerard seemed weary and exhausted. He smiled weak smiles and laughed faint laughs. His eyes were unusually baggy. He was quiet, letting Mikey dominate the conversation, which was very uncharacteristic.

Was this another depression spell?

Mikey certainly hoped that was not the case. Aside from the general bad noise that came with depression spells, there was also the fact that they had an album they had to record soon. Certainly not the best time. Mikey tried to touch on all Gee’s favorite subjects. Tried to make him laugh. But alas, to no avail. Mikey sighed and took another sip of his long island ice tea.


They came home around 1 AM. Gerard was now a little buzzed and a bit more chipper. Mikey was fine with him having the occasional recreational drink, so long as he didn’t get too carried away. Plus, he was just relieved to see his brother wasn’t too far gone. They had just agreed to play a game of Warhammer when Gerard mentioned he should tell Lindsey they were home.

“Linds?”, he called out her name. “Linds? You here? We’re home!”

Gerard went off to their room to check if she was in, and Mikey used this time to get out their cards when he heard a horrible scream.

Mikey ran up to the bedroom quickly. When he got up there, he could see the light on in the bathroom. He heard Gerard screaming, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!?” repeatedly. He heard Lindsey crying. Mikey ran inside and saw Gerard holding a naked, soaked Bandit in his arms with red prints around her tiny neck. The bathtub was overflowing with water. Lindsey was on her knees, crying hysterically and screaming that she was sorry. Gerard was crying. Bandit wasn’t breathing.

Next chapter: Frank.
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