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Not Alone

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Harry feels alone. H/Hr . Please read i suck at summary. Read and Review

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Disclaimer: I own Nothing. It all belongs to JK Rowlong.

A lonely boy sat in front of the common room fire, anyone who didn't know him would think he had no friends, those who knew him knew he did. He was part of the strongest group of friends to attend Hogwarts since the marauders. They were the 'Golden Trio'. Ron Weasley , his best friend, a bright haired, energetic young man who had done a lot of growing up since his 5th year and was now dating Luna Lovegod a 5th year Ravenclaw. Then there was him, the famous Harry Potter, famous for something he didn't even remember, he had never experienced love until he came to Hogwarts. Hermione Granger the brains of the 'Golden Trio' and the love of Harrys life, she just didn't know it yet.

Even though harry had such loving friends he had never felt so alone in his life, even when he was locked up in the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry was sitting by the fire for one simple reason, he was thinking; about life, about Hermione and about death. He knew it would come but didn't want it to. He had finally told Hermione and Ron about the prophesy last week and their reactions had been as he thought they would be. Ron couldn't talk just stammered something about Dumbledore had to be lying and walked off. Hermione did what she did best and dragged him off to the library with tears in her eyes, to look up every book on prophesies they had. In the end harry just walked away tired of prophesy, past the rest of the 6th years who were studying for exams something he had totally forgotten about. For the past week he had avoided everyone, in classes he didn't talk, he went to the kitchens for dinner and sat by the fire the rest of the time ignoring anyone who tried to talk to him. Knowing that Ron and Hermione wouldn't want to talk to him after they knew he would have to be a murderer if he wanted to live.
He was knocked out of his thought when he felt a weight sitting down next to him, he was about o tell them to go away when he saw who was sitting there, Hermione was sitting there with a look of sadness and something else that harry couldn't distinguish at that moment. He stood to walk away when she grabbed his arm sending tingles, with he tried to ignore, up his arm.

"Stop, Harry don't do this" she was on the verge of tears.

"Do what?" he asked though he knew perfectly well what she was talking about.

"Don't push me away".

"But I have to" Harry was now aware of the crowd surrounding them.

"No you don't "


"Why" Hermione now had tears running down her cheeks now.

" BECAUSE I love you" there he had finally said it, all the years of keeping it inside him and he had
finally said it.

"Really" he looked up and saw she had a grin in her face. 'great' he thought 'she's gonna laugh at
me, well I wish shed get it over and done with' he nodded in answer to her question.

She suddenly stepped forward harry inwardly flinched thinking she was going to slap him, but instead she whispered "because I love you too".

He looked down at her shocked. He bent down and when his lips met hers he heard fireworks go off in his head, it was amazing.

"Harry" she whispered "Your not alone you've got me"

'And I always will' he thought to himself.

He had found the power he knows not. He had love. He had her. He was not alone
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