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Just a note to thank all you epic readers for R&Ring my work, my camping trip and who wants to be mikeys girlfriend? better hurry:) xxx so pwease read

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Hii guys i'm back, i stayed an extra night when i went camping because i just loved it soo much >.< hehe i really had a great time, we went bike riding,had barbaques, marshmellows over the campire, swimming, went for a climb and loads of other stuff it was a great couple of fun days and nice to experience camping, apart from the slight coldness and my hayfever and sniffy nose had to come :/ i did try to write some of "happiness or misery" but i had so much doing in the day that i was so tired in the evening i did a page tho :)but it werent to bad apart from that it was cool. I did post the poem to like i said i would,even though it was kinda dificult on my phone and had to rush, didnt even know i posted it that many times and then when i came back today not long ago i like the idiot accidently deleted the one with the most reviews i know i had 4 but i didnt get to read them :( and i was guted, i have reposted it again now so please R&R them again or whoever hasn't please doo :) it's "don't come a knocking if a franks a killing"

Anywayyyyyy i also really wanted to say a dozen thank yous to everyone who had read, rated and reviewd not only that but also just told me what they liked about my work and really leaving me the most nicest reviews its really great and gives me a nice fuzzy feeling inside >.< lol i'm a geek and i get high off reviews XD lol but it is reallly nice that you take your time to read MY work you guys are just epic/fantatsic/awesome/ace/brilliant everything you really are the best so thank you sooooo much i only ever wished for this amount of support and reviews off of you but you have really blown me away with your awesomness R&RS so please carry on it just makes me want to write all the more :) and makes me want to get better everyday

OKAY lats thing now before i put you to sleep with my chattering. alot of you have asked to be Mikeys girlfriend, but i don't know who to choose so this is going to be like first come first serve thing so i dont feel mean and picky and so on. So i just need you to give me your name or what name you want to be called,age,i am gonna say you are smaller than mikey just so mikey can feel happy >.< description of what you look like,i.e eye colour, hair colour colour skin etc, personalitie, faveourite hobbie,fave band, games, movies, things like that also, and maybe habbits you picked up over the years or just things like that, to make up your character :) so that would be great.

let me know and the first person to review and tell me that will be the lucky girl to be Mikeys girlfriend, sorry all of you cant be it but there may be still room for Ray XD

hehe well i better stop typing now i don go on way to much, but yeah lol i dont lie when i say i like writing XD so yeah thanks soo much again and please R&R all my work like you all have beeen doing carry on being awesome public and writers :)
choawwi chaz xxx
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