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so we are ganna hear more about dani

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Danielle’s POV
I was young and I didn’t know much I just knew he was the one that would make me feel happy. He was the one who made me feel like a real kid that had no worries at all. Don’t get me wrong I liked what I do and what I did it was just stressful for a girl my age. It was ten years ago I was fourteen he was seventeen our parents where getting married to each other. His mom was a wonderful woman her name was Malinda she was also the love of my dad’s life. Malinda was the one that brought him to my life.

The day was January 12th the day of my fathers and Malinda’s wedding. I was excited to finally get this over with to finally see my dad and Malinda together forever. It was a wonderful day in Phoenix an unusual day because the day would usually be either too hot or too cold. But it was a nice cool but sunny day. I was a bride’s maid wearing a shortened green dress. It wasn’t such a great thing to wear but I didn’t complain it was their big day. My dad was beaming he looked so happy I had only seen him this happy in a photo of him and my mother holding an infant me. I knew that Malinda would treat him better and not disappear from his life like someone had done.

My father was putting on his tux and having a big deal trying to put it on,
“Do you need help dad?” I asked worriedly.
“Do you think your old man can’t put on his own Hun?”he answered laughing,” I can do it don’t worry you should worry about yourself kiddo are you done?” daddy I’m done you need not worry about me.”

I rolled my eyes at his sad attempt to make me calm down and answered “yea
I knew he was excited about his big day I knew he wanted to show Malinda that he was a wonderful man and that he could dress himself. So I let him do his own thing. I went to go finish any last details that were still left to do. I went out and went to go see how Malinda was doing with her preparation. She was just like me she worried too much about little things so I knew she was going to be stressing out about some little thing. I entered the full bustling room there was many different types of women in the room there was the old ones who kept saying this isn’t right you two have kids and are older. Then there was Malinda’s friends who kept asking about my dad and me and the last were the young ones who were just excited to be there in the women’s dressing room and were able to watch the action unfold in front of them. I wasn’t like them though for me this was like a grown up event an event which I had to act normal and mature how I always acted.

I walked up to one of the younger girls she looked about my age and asked her where the bride was. She answered me with a very rude look and roll of her eyes and answered then “that’s none of your business where she is who are you? Are you even aloud to be in here? “At this I had to laugh and asked her who exactly she was she was just a distant cousin no one important so I went to go look for Malinda myself.

She was in the restroom trying very hard to pee without ruining her dress. When she saw me she smiled and called me to her. I went up to her and asked her what was wrong she just gave me a big hug and told me how happy she was to finally be able to call me her daughter. I was happy that she wanted to call me that at the time because I didn’t know that in the future I and her son were going to be more than that. But at the same time I was a little uncomfortable since she was still sitting on the toilet peeing.

She eventually let go of me and got off the toilet with a little help of course. I walked out to let her pull her panties up. I went to the mirror to look at myself I looked tired and worn out I had to make myself look energized. Malinda walked out of the bathroom looking more kept than how I had just seen her a few minutes ago. She looked gorges in her wedding dress. The dress fit her so well it was as if it was designed just for her and no one else. It was a long white gown with delicate beading in the bosom part not too much just the right amount. Her Vail was long to it overflowed the back of the dress it looked perfect like a dream wedding in a movie not something you would see in real life she was also beaming just like my father. I was happy to see her so happy.

“Hey you there girl what are you doing here?” asked an elderly woman that looked like she was having the worst time of her life. “Are you listening to me young lady who are you?!”
“Oh sorry ma'am I’m Danielle the groom’s daughter I’m here to talk to Malinda.” I answered as politely as I could possibly answer this rude old woman.

“You’re the groom’s daughter. Really how old are you I never met you darling.” Wow total change in tone huh this woman had some nerve. “You look just like your father so beautiful and tall.”
“Ow thank you ma’am. I’m 14 years old and yes I haven’t met you either. “I said

“You are so young so are you happy that your father is getting married to Linda? I bet you are she is a wonderful woman. You know she has a son about your age he is a bad person though so I would have to advise you to keep away from that boy he’s no good. Have you met the child yet darling?” she asked me with a gentle but fake smile I knew who this woman was she was Malinda’s moms friend she had a thing against anyone that might win her granddaughters chance with Gabriel. She had the biggest crush (obsession) on him.

“Yes I am happy that Malinda and my father are getting married I love Malinda just like a mother. And yes I have met him but that was a few years ago I haven’t seen him recently. But I am sorry, don’t mean to be rude but I have to excuse myself ma’am.” I answered with a smile as fake as hers.

I walked to where Malinda and the other women were standing to see what was happening. Malinda had somehow gotten stuck on the door which was a pretty funny sight but I had to help somehow.
“How did this happen?” I asked one of the screaming brides maids. She didn’t answer she was to preoccupied screaming her lungs out to hear me. So instead I asked Malinda who was cursing her ars off. “Hey Linda what happened? “ I shouted over the screaming of the frantic bridesmaids.
“I was walking out of the bathroom when my idiot cousin closed the door on my train and it’s stuck!!” Linda screamed.

“I can fix it Malinda just tells them to back away and I’ll be able to get you out.” She did as I said and told everyone to get out the way they listened since she was turning into bridzilla at the moment that happened. As everyone backed away I moved in closer to get a closer view of the damage. Once I saw what was really wrong I started laughing. Everyone else looked at me confused at my laughter. As I settled down I opened the door that everyone thought the dress was jammed in and viola the dress was unstuck. They had been so crazed at what had happened, no one tried to open the dang door.

Everyone else started laughing to at the mistake they had just done except for Malinda’s cousin who had actually turned red of the embarrassment she had just caused upon herself. Malinda and the rest of the women went to go and finish up what they were doing before the whole commotion had started. I had forgotten what I had gone into the room for so I just walked out and went to go see who had arrived. I saw my grandparents and my aunt carol at the front row of the groom’s side. My father’s side was already full actually really full. Malinda’s side of the church was getting there. I wanted to go and say hi to my grandparents but we weren’t supposed to go out there yet.

This day was going to be a long, long day for all of us.
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