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I Can Speak Four Languages Fluently,And Spanish Ain't One Of 'Em.

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This author's note is actually important (for once.)

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'K,so I was gonna name the title something in Spanish,but I can't speak Spanish,so:

I am going to Spain tomorrow,and won't be able to update Full of Holes.

Táim ag dul go dtí an Spáin amárach,agus ni bheidh mé ábaltá ag leasóidh Full of Holes.

Je vais á l’Espagne de demain et ne sera pas en mesure de metre á jour Full of Holes.

Ich bin nach Spanien gehen morgen und nicht in der Lage zu aktualisieren Full of Holes.

Not so sure about the German one,I only did that for three years.
I also did Japanese,Chinese and Russian for two years but have completely forgotten them.

Anyway,in case you didn't understand anyof them-which wouldn't be too unbelievable,I'm only sure of Irish and English,cause Irish is actually my first language-I'm going to Spain tomorrow,and mightn't be able to update.If I can,of course I will,because I'm deathly pale-and a tad anti-social-I'll probably stay inside for the whole week.So I'm praying to Chuck Norris-my version of Jesus Christ-that there'll be broadband in the hotel.
Three cheers for staying on top of my writing!:D
Also,a lot of ye were worrying that I'd kill Gerard,but no worries,cause I won't.I plan Full of Holes to be quite a long it'd be pretty shite if one of the main characters died.
Aswell as that,what was really funny during the week,my friend-who's a guy-found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with this English dude.He emailed the guy-who's name is James-this message over Facebook:
Which is Irish for "our day will come,"which Irish terrorists used during the 1970's.Not trying to say "how was the play,Mrs. Lincoln?" but it was just funny.
Three cheers for using dissident Republican slogans from the 1970's!:D
(want to learn somethings in Irish they never taught me?
fuck the world:fuck na domhain
pronounce fuck-nah-dow-win
for the win:chun na bhuacan
pronounce cun-nah-vua-kawn.
My Chemical Romance:Mo Ceimiceacha Grá
pronounce muh-chem-ee-ka-graw
Green Day:Lá Glas
see?Irish people are waaaaay cooler than you think we are.)
Wow...I really get off-topic sometimes.

xo lauren.

PS:I dyed my hair light brown today(from blond).It's like Mikey's from Three Cheers era...except I am a girl,with long layered hair....not a guy-though I wish I had his epic glasses.
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