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I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

by DeathzAngel 2 reviews

Amber's POV

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011-04-16 - Updated: 2016-04-28 - 1414 words

Frank continues to hold two fingers up to where Gerard hit him with the DVD case, refusing my offer for help. Some boys, I swear they could be dying and still not accept help. So instead of pushing Frank any farther I settle against Mikey’s chest and watch as Freddy slashes the shit out of teenagers. Okay well, maybe I’m more into Mikey whispering the lines in my ear as his fingers travel through my hair but I’m here, with friends and it’s great.

Suddenly, Frank jumps up pointing to a kid who’d fallen asleep while listening to his music. He seems overly excited about just another part in a movie I’m sure all four of us have seen at least a dozen times.

"That's fucking Johnny Depp," he says, chuckling.

Gerard looks at Frank in disbelief. I don’t really believe him either, that kid looks nothing like Johnny Depp.


Gerard, Mikey and I launch ourselves off the bed leaving Frank to pause the movie. Once he joins us, we all stand, our faces inches from the screen, inspecting the actor in front of us.

"Dude!" Mikey laughs, looking over at Frank. "That reallyis him!"

"Aw, he's so young!" Gerard giggles, smiling with all his teeth showing. He touches the screen with his finger.

"Look at that face!" Frank laughs along with Gee, putting his head on Gerard’s shoulder.

For some reason both Gee and Frank end up on the ground, laughing hysterically. I don’t really get it but as I’ve figured out over the past few days, laughter is contagious and in a few second it’s spread to all of us.

"Guys, what the fuck are you doing?" Mikey questions, holding me close to him. He’s still pretty weirded out by the fact Frank and his older brother kissed.

Frank rolls over onto his back and looks up at Mikey, Dude, relax! That's in the past, man!"

Frank crawls over to my boyfriend, who, at this point, is leaning into kiss me. Frank garbs Mikey’s ankles causing him to fall down. He then pins Mikey to the ground, straddling him. He looks terrified. Frank, along with Gee and I, just laughs.

"Say Uncle," Frank demands, grinning down at my boyfriend.

"Never!" Mikey yells, knowing now that Frank is messing with him.

Sitting down next to Gerard we can’t help but laugh at their horse play.

“Don’t do it, Mikey…stay strong!” I giggle, playing along.

"Do it!" Frank demands.


"Say it Mikes!"

"Fuck off, Frank!"

Suddenly, the front door can be heard opening and we all freeze. Mikey twists his head to look at the door. Gee and I try and stand up but just end up falling over a few shoes, laughing as quietly as we can, out eyes on the door. Instead of doing the smart thing, Frank just continues to sit on top of Mikey, his hands still pinning Mikey’s arms to the floor above his head.

For a minute we sit there, wondering if Mrs. Way is going to come downstairs…of course, she does. How unlucky for us. The door opens and the image she walks into is nothing good. Frank is straddling Mikey and Gerard and I are tangled together after our resent fall, my shirt riding up.

In a split second her sweet, kind face goes to one of the devil…she’s beyond mad.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Frank?" she yells at Iero as he scrambles off Mikey, trying to explain what is going on.

Mikey just lies there, shocked.

"Mrs. Way, I....We were just.... I....well...--" she interrupts Frank.

"I think you should leave now, you too Amber."

Both Frank and I stand up, slowly heading towards Gee’s room door. I cannot believe this is happening. Mrs. Way probably thinks we were having some kind of weird sex party down here.

"Ma, no, we were just fucking…I mean, wrestling around...." Gerard tries to explain for us, but it is useless.

Mrs. Way won't take any excuses. She saw what she saw. I wave at Mikey and Gerard, sadly, and slump out the door. Before I leave I turn around to see Gerard pointing at his window, while his mum is talking to Mikey.

He mouths, "Don't leave...Wait a few minutes and come back through there."

Just as his mother turns back around Gee stops talking, smiling innocently at her. I shake my head but go up the stairs, dragging Frank behind me. He hadn’t seen what Gerard had said so I’ll make it my responsibility to get him back in too.

Together we leave the room, walk up the steps, and exit through the front door but instead of going to my car I head around the back of the house. Frank gives me a quizzical look.

“Gerard doesn’t want his boyfriend to leave,” I laugh hoping Frank will take it as a joke.

He does.

“I’m sure Mikey doesn’t want to miss out on having hot sex after the movie either,” Frank responds smiling as he follows me around the back of the house, his hand on my shoulder.

I laugh, turning around to hug him. He kisses the top of my head. I’m going to miss him a lot when I’m gone. After a second or two I take Frank’s hand as we continue around the back of the house, trying to avoid windows.

For a few minutes we look around the back of the house, trying to find Gerard’s window. After closer inspection I find it, just a little hole in the wall under the porch. Kneeling down I slowly pull my body under the porch hearing Frank groan behind me. He’s such a baby sometimes.

"Well, fuck," grumbles Frank, lying next to me in the gravely dirt under the porch.

Sure, there are a few spider webs, dog toys that don’t belong to the Ways and something that’s moving in the corner but it’s not too bad. I want to be back with Mikey.

"Fucking shit, I am not going down there," Frank says, shaking his head.

“They’re just spiders Frankie, I’ll hold your hand,” I respond reaching across the tiny space to grab Frank’s hand. Together we inch closer to the window.

Once we’re close enough I knock lightly, waiting for the window to open, Mikey’s eyes sparkling as he see’s me. Craning my neck I allow him to press his lips to my, hand on my cheek. We continue on until Frank coughs.

“What’s the matter Frankie, don’t like it under the porch?” I snicker as Mikey helps me slide through the tiny window.

Frank scowls but crawls closer towards the window, “Fuck, this had better be worth it.”

Gerard, Mikey and I move out of the way, giving Frank some room. He seems to be doing a fine job of squeezing himself through the tiny window until his shoulders. Frank ties to move his arms around to get himself out but it’s helpless. He looks like a beached whale or something. It’s pretty funny and instead of helping him like good friends should, Mikey, Gee and I just stand there watching Frank struggle, laughing our arses off.

"You look like fucking Winnie the Pooh!" Gerard states, cackling, "You eat too much honey today, Frank?"

"Gerard…fuck you," Frank replies finally getting one arm unstuck.

He uses his freed arm to grab the window seal on the inside of the house, pushing until he pops free. Unlucky for Frank, Gerard’s desk is right under his window so Frankie end up falling onto Gee’s desk, then rolling off the desk and hitting the floor.

For a few seconds Frank just lies there; he looks out of breath.

"Holy shit!" Gerard mumble, hurrying over to Frank. .

"Well...what else is new...?" Frank gasps, reaching his hand up so Gerard can help him up. Its obvious Gerard isn’t very strong because Frank manages to pull Gee to the floor; their faces only inches from each others. Unable to take it Mikey turns away. I think this whole ‘my brother might be gay’ is weighing really heavily on him…I’m gonna have to talk to Gerard about it.
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