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Chapter Eight - Jamie

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I'm free! Free!! Free at last!!!

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The final bell rang after what felt like a eternity. I looked at the clock in the girl's room and smiled. Focusing on my locker, I closed my eyes and flashed to it just as the door opened. The boy looked in and I pushed myself through. “Hiya!” I said happily. He looked at me and grinned.

“Your in a better mood now. Where are my manners? I'm Frank Iero, witch. That's why I can see you. And you are....?” he trailed off, raising his eyebrows. Oh yeah.

“Oh! I'm Jamie Park, ghost obviously. And witch? That's cool. Now can you help me?” I said in one rush. He tilted his head. “Maybe. What's your problem, exactly Jamie?”

I bit my lip. How should I tell him? Well, here goes.

“I can't leave. Don't know why. I died in the girl's room. Is that why?” I looked at him,my eyes burning. He blinked.

“That's easy. How much do you trust me Jamie?” he asked, opening his bag and digging through it for something. I didn't hesitate. “More than you'd think.” he pulled something strange out of his bag and smiled at me.

“Good. You already know how to grab and hold. Grab this.” he swung a purple crystal thing around on a thin, silver chain.

“Uh, okay?” as a test, I wrapped my hand around the chain. I pulled it forward and the crystal swung again. My eyes flashed to Frank's.

“What's gonna happen when I touch this?” he blinked at me again and smiled. “Nothing bad. You'll just get locked in here and once I get us back to my house I'll let you out. Then you're free to go where ever you want.”

Something in me burned. “Anywhere?” He nodded and I slid my hand down the chain. I held my breath and gripped the purple gem.

My hand was tugged, then got sucked in. Then my arm and then my whole body. I looked around and saw Frank's purple-tinged face.

“Frank?” I shouted, my voice echoing back at me. I looked at him again. “Shh....” he hushed me. He slipped the chain around his neck, leaving me out and against his chest.

He put his bag back on, closed our locker and headed to the nearest exit. I felt myself panic a little as he opened the door, but it turned to pure excitement when he stepped past it, taking me with him. The sun hit me, reflecting purple rays around him and on his chest.

A laugh was torn from my throat and he smiled. We walked in the sun for about ten minutes and he made a few turns. The last time he turned, I saw a modern looking house. Frank opened the door and stepped in.

I heard it close behind him. And a woman called out. “Frankie?” He shouted back, scaring me. “Yeah!” he brought the chain over his head. “I have a school friend coming over later. Oh and I brought home a ghost, just so you know Ma!”

“Wait what? You made a friend?” Oh wow. So the fact that he brought me home didn't faze her but the friend thing did?

I didn't get a chance to think about that to long, though. “Whoa!” the chain started to spin, sending me in a wide circle. I heard Frank muttering something under his breath and I got the sense of falling.

The swinging got faster and faster. I looked around for something to grab and found nothing. With a rush, I flew out of the purple crystal and into the open room.

I blinked and looked at Frank, who smiled at me and wrapped the chain around the crystal. Only now did it really sink in.

Holy shit! I'm free!! a cry of pure joy ripped from my mouth.

“Thank you Frank!!!” I yelled. He jumped and I rushed to him. I hugged him, my arms going right through his torso.

He shivered and laughed. A knock on the door made him jump again. He looked at the watch and smiled.

Then his eyes widened and he looked at me. “You can't be here right now!” he whispered urgently. I held my hands up and shook my head. “I don't know where to go!” I whispered back.

He threw a look at the door and then back at me. “Uh, shit! I don't know. Go explore the city. Just go looked around town until about seven.” he said quickly, gesturing to the wall across the room from the door.

“Okay, okay! I'm going! Gah!” I ran through the wall and hit the grass.

Hmmm.....where to go? Oh! I know exactly where I'll go.

I started for my old house.
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