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My Apologies (PLEASE READ)

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Huge-ass mistake going on here....

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So, first off, I would like to apologize for all of the stories posted on here. I did not write them (why I would is beyond me, considering I have never listened to My Chemical Romance in my life), and I would like to point something out. Last year, I ended up creating a new email. I did not delete the old one, considering there were just a few things I would use it for. After a while, I just stopped using it completely.

I had set it up so I could receive the emails I had needed in my new account, rendering the other one useless. Everything on here was posted by someone else. If you look at the profile, all of my information is incorrect even (although you wouldn't know that.) I had logged back into my old email for no real reason, just to retrieve something from a few years back that I wanted to make sure hadn't gotten deleted. It had, to my dismay. But there were numerous emails from Facebook, Twitter, Blogger... and many other sites. None of any of it was in my name; it was in someone else’s. I could only delete certain accounts, as most of the conformation emails had been deleted before I could get to them.

My account was hacked, and I feel I cannot apologize enough for the stories. I had been reading the emails and, of course, had no clue who 'bexless' was. I looked her up and read one of her stories to check the writing style. She is extremely talented, and I have no clue why anyone would steal her writing.

I feel my privacy has been violated to the point of no return. This is extremely embarrassing to know that I have somehow contributed to this act of plagiarism.

Anyway, I wanted to post this (God knows it took my long enough to figure out my way around the site) to clear things up. I'm not sure how to delete this account; however, I will be deactivating the email.

Again, I am so sorry about all of this. I feel horrible, and would like to find out who did all of these things with my account. No one should take credit for someone else's work, as it takes away from it all. Truly this person did not understand what it is to write something and feel the accomplishment and satisfaction of finishing it.

As soon as I figure out how to delete this account itself, I will. I don't have any use for this site, plus it would be moronic to continue using this account. I may create one for myself to post my poetry, since I have been looking for a good site that I can do so where it doesn't have to be complete fandom. If you know how to remove an account, please review this and give me some instructions. I want to get this stupid little fiasco behind me as soon as possible.

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