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Chapter 15 (Lunch)

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"Well off to class," Roz said lazily. "That sure was an uneventful lunch."

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The lunchroom was deserted when Brynn entered with Roz later that afternoon.

"Where is everyone?" Brynn casually commented taking a seat at their usual table.

"Where do you think?" Roz said taking a place by Brynn. "They're all by the back doors seeing if Ann will show up to meet Brendon."

Brynn looked away and started to mash up her potatoes. She didn’t want to think about it. If anything, she just wanted to forget Brendon existed.

Meanwhile by the doors leading out to the back parking lot sat four boys surrounded by masses of girls.

"This was a bad idea," Brendon muttered looking onto the masses.

"What do you mean bad idea?" Ryan interjected. "Look at everyone that showed up."

"But none of them are Ann."

"How do you know?"

"Ryan, I think I know what she looked like."

Just then a giddy freshman stepped forward in front of Brendon. She had blonde hair and gleaming blue eyes. "Hi Brendon," she said in a surprising high voice. "I'm Ann."

Brendon looked at the poor mistaken girl and switched his glance to his friends. "Let's just ask you a few questions shall we?" Ryan said taking charge. "The Ann Brendon knows had what color hair."

The girl looked kinda confused at the ridiculous question but answered quickly none the less. "Blonde of course."

"That is wrong…move along."

Quickly behind the blonde girl stepped another one. This one was a Junior and she had brown curly hair. "I believe Ann had brown hair," she said pleasantly knowing her answer couldn’t possibly be wrong.

"Well, yeah," Brendon answered defeated, but he could tell from just this girl's tone of voice she wasn’t Ann.

"So that's it then?" She asked hopefully all the while staring longingly at Brendon. Brendon got uncomfortable and pushed Spencer ahead of him.

"Well," said Spencer. "We could run some more tests"

Brendon didn’t care. He knew the girl was wrong the moment she had walked up. He knew all the girls were wrong, but now he had to get rid of them. Then he had an idea.

"Excuse me ladies," Brendon announced loudly. "I'm going to ask you all a question only the real Ann would know the answer to." The girls stood erect willing to be the first asked. "Ann dropped something when she left that night. I have this item. What is it?"

The room actually fell silent for a few seconds before an eruption happened. Countless words were thrown at Brendon such as, earring, phone, and even tooth. Brendon sighed and stepped away. None we're Ann he already knew that. He didn’t get far though in his departure before he was stopped with a push from a hand. He looked up to see Tiffany glaring down at him with Clair and Cher at her side.

"What do you think you're doing Brendon!" She stormed her blonde hair bouncing around in her rage. Brendon stepped back suddenly feeling like an ant at her picnic. Tiffany gave a fake smile understanding she was scaring Brendon senseless. "Brendon…hun…what is this I hear about this Ann girl?"

Brendon gave a small laugh trying to lighten the mood but It was clearly not called for. "Tif…I would've told you. It's just I didn’t think there was anything, you know, to tell."

This obviously wasn’t what Tiffany wanted to hear. She scrunched up her face and looked away before twisting back around and confronting Brendon. "What do you mean nothing to tell? I saw the banner. Who is Ann and why are you throwing me away for her?"

Now Brendon didn’t care. Tiffany had been fun, yeah, but he didn’t want anything from it. "Tif, I gotta go," he said before moving around her and her friends. Spencer, Brent, and Ryan followed him but only after Ryan gave Tiffany a small wink indicating to call him.

Tiffany's screams of frustrations could be heard throughout the school.

"What was that?" Brynn said hearing the high pitch squeals.

"I don’t know," Roz answered. The two friends picked up their trays in the empty lunchroom and put them in the tray receiver. "Well off to class," Roz said lazily. "That sure was an uneventful lunch."
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