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As he stands there.

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This gunner remembers the past.

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His hand slowly caressed his partners cheek, showing passion and love for
The other man. Slowly, ever so slowly, did he Peel off his partners shirt,
Kissing every inch of skin revealed. His mind flooded with memories of when
They had just used to do this for fun. He kept promising himself it would only
Be one more fuck... That one turned into 2, then 3, and the rest is history...
Un-buckling the others pants he felt something tug at his shirt. Memories
came flooding Back.

*Izz had been feeling restless latley and he was
Starting to get worried. But he thought about Izzy regardless.he noticed that
everytime he'd see Izzy, he'd get butterflies in his stomach, seeing
Izzy smile made him smile... hell, Izzy's smile kept him from going completley insane!*

He started rubbing izzy's thighs while he kissed his neck, which earned him
A few moans. One day,that wonderful day where Izzy had came up to him...

*"Steven, I..uh, I wanna talk..
To you..if that's ok..?"izzy stuttered. "Uh, yeah, sure" Steven had replied. "Okay.." Izzy
Started, "I know this doesn't really seem like me, and let me fuckin tell you,
I am so out of my comfort zone right fuckin goes...I think
I'm inlove with you..." Steven saw the small tint of pink on Izzy's face. izzy was inlove with him? he had axl or duff, which ever one he wanted and he chose him?
Izzy looked up to see a cheeky, goofy, happy grin.*

" s-steven, please.." Izzy
Begged as Steven teased him, licking and kissing the smooth skin of his inner

Steven loved izzy too! He loved this man with such a passion! He loved
Him more than his best friend slash, the band, even drumming couldn't commpare
to looking at Izzy.

Suddenly, as if someone had maulled him, his vision
Turned hazy. He started spiraling down. He had turned into a ghost and was seeing
Himself getting kicked out of the band. He begged and pleaded with his boyfriend
But to no avail. He woke up crying and whimpering softly, confused. He looked
down at his feet, feeling a slight prick. A syringe was hanging from his foot,
Caressing his dried blood. Un-snorted coke was there on the table. By his side
A bottle of vodka sat. He began to open it, his damp cheeks becoming warm
Due to the hot sensation of fresh tears. He stood up. "A the most
Fucked up man on earth...cheers" his voice came out hoarse and cracked.
With that he stood there and realized that he had lost every thing.


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