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Liz goes to work, she doesn't like it but that's life. She goes to extremes to make money to buy blood for Frank and it leaves Frank less then happy. Gets a little bit racy.

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I'm not saying I like doing it, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. When Frank runs out of blood from the blood bank, he drinks mine. Some times he drinks it adds it to the blood bank blood just because he likes it. The point is we needed to buy more blood. This dude at the blood bank sells it to us, but it ain't cheap. One weeks worth of blood can cost $420 when he's feeling generous, and more when he's not. Luckily I can find the little bit of work I find, but like I said, it isn't something I'm proud of. Frank begs me not to, says he'll find away to do without. I know he can't just stop drinking blood and he can't cut down on it so every once in a while I go out and do this.
I looked in the vanity mirror, double checking my make up and spiked pig tails. I buttoned my school uniform jacket that almost completely covered my plaid red mini-skirt, my fishmet leggings looked nice with my black strappy high heels.
"The incredible, extraordinary Elizabeth!" I stepped out on stage and I heard cheering and clapping. I hope they tip good. I smiled flirtatiously and struted down the little cat walk to the pole. I winked at some pigs in the front row who were greedily tring to look up my skirt. I slowly undid my jacket and threw it to the back of the stage, revealing my school uniform shirt which was unbuttoned part way, exposing the tops of my breasts which attracted much attention. Then I started riding and dancing on the pole, moaning and crying out sexually as I riled up the men, making them get erections and making them bigger and bigger. I then, half way up the pole again, arched my back with a fake pleasue moan and bent backward and let go of the pole as I held myself in place with my legs.
Using my now free hands, I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and let it fall to the ground to the delight of the audience. I let the sound of the cash raining down on the stage comfort me as I reminded myself that I'm doing this for Frank.
"$100 if the skirt comes off!" a guy in the audience yelled.
"$200 for the skirt!" another called out.
"$450 for the bra to come off!"
"Bra! Bra! Bra!" they chanted. I kicked one heeled foot into the air and gracfully slid down the pole. I slowly, teasingly took off the skirt and tossed it towards my jacket. Loud whoops and whistles of pleasure and approval errupted from the crowd. I showed a man in the front my leg and he caressed the skin and tucked a wad of twenties in my under wear. He his hands roam a bit to the inside of my upper leg. He squeazed my @$$ and I blew him a kiss as I went to another customer who tucked a stack of cash into my bra. What does this one want? He put his hands on my waist and sat me down on his lap. Oh great, he wants a lap dance. I danced on him. Then I went back to the pole and finished my routine. I walked off the stage blowing kisses to the men as a dude came on stage and swept the money in a bin.
Backstage there were other girls primping and doing their hair and make up. Frank was leaned up against the wall waiting for me. There was a frown on his face when he saw I had cash sticking out of my bra and under wear.
"Whatever you do, please don't tell me what you had to do for that." he said gesturing towards the money in my bra.
"I promise, I only danced. I let a guy touch my leg and squeeze my butt and I gave a lap dance and that was it. And you know I wouldn't sell sex!" He shook his head as if to shake the idea at his head.
"It's bad enough that you have to dance at all, now you've been going down to just under wear and a bra and letting them to get close enough to put cash in what's left, how long 'til it goes further?" The guy who sweeped up brought the cashback and set it on the table.
"Frank, I promise it won't go any further."
"I can find a job Liz. You don't have to do this." he pleaded, sounding guilty beyond belief. He knew I wouldn't be doing this if we didn't have to pay for blood, and he knew we'd never be able to find night jobs that would pay enough.
"Frank, you know that would never work. We move around to much to hold steady jobs, it'd have to be at night, and it would have to pay for us to eat and drink not to mention we also have to pay for whereever we're staying."
"I still don't like that you do this." he muttered. "How are you feeling? Light headed? Dizzy?" he asked, still concerned about the amount of blood from earlier tonight.
"Nope, I'm fine." I said as I sarted to slip on my black Cobra Starship T-shirt and black skinny jeans. I pulled the red mini-skirt I'd been wearing during the show on over top my jeans. Frank rolled his eyes. I put on some perfume, lime green lipstick, and red eyeliner. I smugged my eyeliner and packed up my stuff and our money. Frank had of a button down dress shirt with a tie, gray skinny jeans and a suit jacket. We walked back to the motel and dropped off my make up, clothes, and what not and picked up the cooler. We started heading towards the blood bank and I counted out $500 as we walked. I handed Frank the rest of the we entered the dark alley near the back of the blood bank. I hope our supplier is in a good mood. The less we have to pay the better.
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