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Oh Allie

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"Here Allie, this is your little Nephew, Daniel." I say, showing her the sleeping baby.

She stares at him. "I told you it was going to be a boy."

"Great! Great! I think shes the only one who isn't completely in love this baby!" I give up on this child!

"Dylan, she loves him, She's just making a point is all." Aiden calms me.

I roll my eyes. "I'll never understand seven year olds."

"It'll suck when he's seven then, don't you think?" Dante asks.

"Ha, very funny." I scoff, looking down at little Danny. He sleeps alot. He's a good baby.

"So are you brest feeding?" Ron asks.

"No! No no no!"I say as I shake my head. I'm not having him suck on my boob. Uh, no. I barely like Aiden touching me there with nothing covering me up.

Aiden turns his head to look at me. "Your not?!" His look was filled with shock and surprise.

"Hell no! It hurts! Just like giving birth!" I snap. I mean, how much can a women take?!

"But you have to! It's one of your roles as a women! You can just not do it! That's unheard of!" He protests.

"You've got to be kiding me Aiden! Hello! It's the 21st cenery! GET OVER IT! Or if you really feel the need, DO IT YOUR SELF!" Hey, he's got two nipples! MAN MILK!

Aiden sits there, not mad or anything. He leans over me to whisper in my ear. "You being all tough and impowering is turning me on."

"Get away Aiden!" I wave him away. "Mad at you..."

"Your not mad at me." He coos, kissing my neck, then my cheek. "You love me." He bites down softly on the raw skin on my neck.

"Aiden stop. I just had a baby I don't want another." I gasp, dear god, why must I marry a guy who'll make any girl faint at the slightest touch. Oh right, 'cause he's hot!

"It's called protection, babe." He murmmers.

"Aiden. Really? I'm gross!" I say looking down. I haven't showered and I'm all sweaty and ewww I'm repulsed by my self! How the hell is this turning him on?

"Your beautiful." Is he trying to be sweet?

"Awww! That's so cute!" Ron said. The hell?

"Yeah yeah whatever. Where's the formula?" I ask out loud. "He looks hungry."

"I got some!" Allie said, bringing me a bottle. The milky creamish color swishes around as she skips over. All this shit look nasty.

"So Aiden, when will this little guy be able to morph? That'll be adorible." I stroke his little cheek as he take the formula. He slowly opens his eyes and looks at me with those deep brown eyes. He's learning who I am, taking in my features, pearing into my soul. Physic baby!

"Right before we starts to walk and talk. So in about 2 months." He says, taking him from my arms.

"No! Mine!" I reach for my baby Danny." No! You can't take a cub from his moma! It doesn't work like that!"

"Calm down! I just want to hold him!" Aiden said, holding him tight and rocking him. I smile. Even if the blankets not pink, he's still cute with a baby.
And I have no better endding:D Thank you thank you! I love all your reviews! Keep them coming! Jadesohma
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