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New story!

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Right guys, so i'm still planning to keep going with my current story, 'I can be your worst enemy'

But seens as I aleady have the base for my new one, i thought I may aswell make a start so these are the characters I need:

Girl#1, whose in a care home. (MAIN CHARACTER)
Boy#1, whose the girls best friend.

Girl#2, becomes friends with girl #1
Boy#2, becomes friends with girl #1

Prep girl at school

Above Characters will all be around 14/15

Any questions on characters just ask! Yes, My Chemical Romance are involved! :D
Auditions won't be on too long, as hoping to post 1st chapter asap!

sooo :

Interesting Facts about yourself (hobbies,etc):
Which character you would like to play:

thanks xxx.
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