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Chapter 10

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If I let him come will it just be another thing he can hold over me or is he being sincere?

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"I can't come tonight Frank," I said walking out to my car after school.
Tonight was supposed to be movie night at the Way's but I was opting out.
"What do you mean 'you can't come'?"
As I expected Frank was a little more than baffled about my resignation.
"I have something to do," I said stopping by my car. Frank leaned his hand on the door stopping my mid motion to grab it.
"What do you have to do? We've had this planned for days and I know full well you're not working." He said it with such a knowing factor and I knew he was right. I averted my eyes knowing his hazel ones would uncover the truth. "Vee," he said noticing my distance.
I looked back up at him and sighed. "Okay," I said. "I have to go to dance."
"You have to go to a dance?"
"No Frank! Dance! I'm a dancer." Frank looked at me with a confused stare. "Okay, let me have it," I said jumping to the punch. "I'm a sissy dancer and what-not."
Frank didn't say anything he just stared at me with the same 'what the hell' expression.
"What!" I demanded getting angry he hadn't said anything yet.
Frank stepped back. "Um, nothing. Just surprised. That's all."
I gave a quick smirk and saw the opportunity to open the car door. "Don't be," I said throwing my book bag in. "I'll see you tomorrow," I added moving to climb in.
"Wait," Frank said stopping me for the second time. I looked back at him indicating to get on with it. "Can I come?"
He wants to come? "You wanna come?"
"You'd rather come to my boring dance practice than be with your best friends?"
"Um...," he looked like he was contemplating it. "Yeah."
I looked at Frank studying him for a minute. If I let him come will it just be another thing he can hold over me or is he being sincere? I sighed and climbed in my car. "Get in!"

We arrived at the dance studio 20 minutes later. "Now I must warn you," I said climbing out of the car and retrieving my bag. "My dance coach, Louie, is"
Frank laughed and followed me in. "He can't be worse than you."
"Vita! Vita!" Louie called seeing me enter. I saw Frank's facial expressions drop as Louie approached us. A man built like Arnold Swarzanegger who had a voice like Timone from The Lion King would do that. Louie's bleach blonde hair glistened from the lights as he bent down to kiss my cheek. "And who iz zis man?" He exclaimed looking at Frank.
"This is Frank," I said happily.
"Frank iz it? Hopin' to get into dance, yung man?"
"Oh no, no," Frank answered quickly. "Just here to watch."
"Watch! No!" Louie suddenly exclaimed. "Vita, Vita," he said grabbing my hand and leading me away. "Wonder if he'z a spy? Your competitors?"
I let out a small laugh slip. "Trust me Louie. He's not."
Louie frowned still unsure but allowed it.
I've never had such an entertaining dance practice. Every time Louie had his back turned to Frank in the corner Frank would dig out hilarious imitations of him.
"Stop zat laughing, Vita!" Louie would scold. "We needz focus!"
After finishing warm-ups and routine work outs Louie started to teach me a new dance. I didn't learn much though with Frank still there.

"Frank you're such a distraction," I said in the car later.
Frank just laughed and decided to pull out a cigarette. "So when'd you start dancing?" He asked.
"Um, I guess it was after my father left," I confessed. "My mom wanted me more active and out of the house." Frank took a drag of his cigarette and nodded. "I see Louie once a week and do competitions once in a while," I added. "But it's just a hobby. I'm not very good." I pulled into Frank's driveway and put the car in park.
Frank threw his cigarette outside but didn't move to open the door. "When's your next competition?"
"Your next competition? I wanna go."
"Are you serious?"
"Does this look like a face that lies," he asked smiling.
I laughed lightly and shook my head. "It's the beginning of November."
"Good, I'm coming." Then he climbed out and shut the door.
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