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DuffIzzy - Bed Time Story

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Izzy tells his son a story, but ends up revealing how he feels about Duff.

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"But dad, you've read me every single book we have. Can't you tell me one that's not in a book?" A little dark haired boy rolled around in bed, pouting. "Please?"

"Well… I can try." Izzy smiled softly. "Once upon a time, there was a blond… bassist… in a school band. He had really long, beautiful legs and wore strange colored lipsticks to perform, but he was very intelligent, and always caught the eye of many people, men and women. There was another blond in the band, a drummer who always seemed to be high on caffeine, who showed a lot of interest in said bassist. They got along pretty well, and even looked like a couple sometimes…" His smile was replaced with a frown for a second, and the child could swear Izzy's eyes narrowed dangerously. "That made the… the… lead guitarist… jealous, because he also had feelings for the bassist. But he was quiet and didn't show those feelings, contrary to the drummer. That went on for a few years, until the drummer got involved with a few problems and everyone could see that he and the bassist were really together, so he was thrown out of the band. The bassist proceeded to get very depressed and got himself into bad things like drinking a lot of alcohol, which is never a good option. The guitarist didn't drink or do any of that, even if he might have done so before, and seeing his loved one destroying himself, it was too much…"

"Did he tell him?"

"Huh?" Izzy was snapped out of the story by the comment, before chuckling nervously. "Not exactly. He decided to leave the band. He'd talked to the singer and the manager, but not to anyone else. The next day, he just left… but he put a note under the bassist's pillow, confessing his feelings and his reason to leave."

"So the bassist must have gone after him, yes? That's what people do when they're in love."

"But the bassist still loved the drummer, remember? The guitarist and the bassist only met a long time after that… or maybe not so long, but it was long in their view… and they never even talked about the note, going on as if nothing had happened. But the bassist stopped drinking, which was a good thing… then both of them married beautiful girls and had kids, and the end."

"Aw, I wish they were together… that's a sad story…" The child pouted again. "… I think Duff likes you."


"… Dad, you're not good at changing the reality, you know. Duff likes you, just… grab him and kiss him? That's what the TV says."

"Are you really just seven?" Izzy lowered his head, blushing. Next time, he'd change reality a little more… but now the hope that Duff liked him was back into his head. "Go to sleep."

"Tell him, or else I'll tell Slash you keep saying you were the lead guitarist." The kid grinned, before closing his eyes and snuggling under the covers. "Good night, dad."

"… Night…"
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