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TommyNikki - Zombies

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Tommy hears about a zombie invasion on the radio, and builds a fortress against it while Nikki is out shopping.

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Nikki sensed something was wrong as soon as he stepped into the house, and his mind immediately came up with the worst scenarios of stupid things Tommy could have done while he was out. Closing his eyes, he took a few deep breaths, put down the shopping bags and opened the door to the bedroom, expecting the worse. After blinking a few times and tilting his head to the side to make sure he was seeing right, his eyebrow arched. "Tommy… what the fuck are you doing?"

Tommy had a pillow tied to his front and one to his back, a few more cushioned things tied around the rest of him, and a blanket fortress on the bed. There was garlic and onion on the window, a gun on top of the television, a plastic sword on the bed and some other random objects around the room. It reminded him of those movies where kids were alone at home and decided to build a fortress against some kind of super villain or nuclear war.

"Oh, hi Nikki." Tommy smiled, before falling over. "Ouch, these pillows need to be improved…" He tried to roll himself back onto his feet, but didn't really manage to do that until he reached for the bedpost, using that to hold onto. "Um… well… the radio said that there's going to be a zombie invasion today, so I want to be ready for it…"

"… No. You're not serious." He twitched, staring at Tommy for some time, before noticing that he really was serious. "Tommy, there's no zombie invasion, stop destroying our room… and get those stinky onions out of here."

"But it was on the radio!"

"You probably got it on some science fiction radio novel or something of the sorts, don't believe everything you hear… and untie those pillows, you'll get them all dirty if you roll around in them." He sighed. "Mick and Vince are going to show up soon, you know…"

"… Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yes, if there were any zombies, I'd scare them away from you." Nikki chuckled, going over to Tommy and helping him get rid of the pillows, throwing them onto the bed. "Now get the onion, garlic and whatever other food or stinky thing you may have hidden around… and hide the gun."

Tommy nodded, pecking Nikki's lips before doing as told. He came back into the room to get the gun and put it away, and that was exactly the moment when Mick walked in. "ZOMBIES!" The taller screamed like a girl and accidentally fired the gun, the bullet going straight for Nikki's favorite bass.

"Tommy…" Nikki twitched, clenching his fists. "It's just Mick…"

"Um… I…" He chuckled nervously, dropping the gun and running away, Nikki going after him at full speed.

"… Kids." Mick shook his head, sighing. He didn't even want to understand what had just happened there.
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