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TommyNikki - Rest

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Tommy watches Nikki as he sleeps.

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Tommy ran his hands through Nikki's hair, careful not to wake the bassist. It was one of those rare moments when the silence was actually comfortable, because Nikki was sleeping peacefully. Yes, Tommy was terrified of silence in most cases, but considering the bassist had been having nightmares for months in a row, this was a relief. It also wasn't completely silent, he could hear some soft background music somewhere and the echo of Vince fighting with someone.

He smiled softly, watching Nikki closely. The darker haired man had his lips slightly parted, his messy hair covering part of his face as his head rested on Tommy's chest. His hands curled up in the sheets, maybe from the few hours before when he'd tried to sleep and wasn't able to, and started holding onto them for comfort. "So cute…"


"Nothing, just rest." He kissed Nikki's forehead gently, smiling more when he snuggled closer and went back to sleeping peacefully.
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